the design is given a respect o traditional craftsmanship of winding and hand made drawing.


this unique pattern is relying on the craftsmanship of winding and hand made drawing. it is a combination of hand made winded pattern (the geometric squares) which i have created using silky yarn, and a hand made traditional drawing of a chines song bird .it is a modern interpretation : old school weaving sketching techniques been digitized into a classical pattern .

Why does your design stand out?

this unique pattern is a combination between hand made winded textile pattern and a hand drawing digitize into a single design.

Which kind of brands do you imagine using your design?

according to the latest fashion trends i think that this kind of design might fit to brands such as CHANEL, PRADA,DOLCE E GABBANA ARMANI etc..

Is the design 100% created by you or is there anything we should know about any third party material used?

the design only by me

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