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We invite all professional textile designers to have a cup of tea in our enchanting garden pavilion and to share with us your modern interpretation of chinoiserie. This theme offers a delightful approach on hand-painted imagery combined with some of the classic ornate characteristics. The inspiration comes from european-interpreted luxury refined wallpaper, porcelain, and textiles.

Your task
Create a pattern for the fashion industry’s most recognised brands to be used in their current and upcoming collections. Define and interpret the theme ‘Chinoiserie - Chic’ in your own enchanting and delightful pattern.

Your chance
This is a calling to all designers who have inspiring ideas for pattern design. The best designs submitted on jovoto will be chosen and presented to select international fashion brands by the client, who is a renowned textile supplier. In addition to winning up to €5,000 in community awards, a huge opportunity awaits, to be licensed by a large fashion brand. For every licensed design, you will be paid €100 for the initial design and an additional €0.20 in royalties for each meter if printed. The amount purchased can be up to 20,000 meters per design.

Throughout the course of the project, jovoto will invite the best designers to join a talent pool with the opportunity to access further textile design projects over the next months. To see the first textile design project and the excellent designs that were created, take a look at Artificial Garden!

Awarded ideas