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Although flying has become very common, traveling still puts us in a very special state of mind. Airports are special places that create their own world with their own services and – very importantly – their own shops. In these travel retail shops passengers can purchase a unique selection of products that they wouldn’t usually buy as companies offer special editions of their products at airports that cannot be found anywhere else.

What’s the task?

Ritter Sport a famous German chocolate brand is asking you to create a special edition for one of their products that consists of three different items and will be exclusively sold at airports all over the world.

What’s in it for me?

Besides being eligible to win one of 22 cash prizes from the €10.500 prize pool, this is a chance to have your idea realized by Germany's leading chocolate brand.

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jovoto is the creative workspace of the future; An open innovation platform where creatives, designers and innovators work together to solve design challenges for top global brands. It’s brainstorming at internet scale and we call this process Crowdstorming.

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