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Wow this is such an interesting and extraordinary contest! Is it possible to submit an idea with a collaborator? or the prizes can't be awarded to teams?

Thanks Andra. The prize is only for one person, if you want you can book another ticket for your partner, or you can work remotely with them on board. :)

Hi guys!

I'm super excited to be the project guide for this project. Will be a pleasure to see your ideas set sail! For any questions or issues, please turn to me, I'm here to help. :)

All the best,


Looks like a requirement is to submit a one-pager. Attempted to do so as a simple .docx, but the file type isn't acceptable. Can totally upload as a different file type, but thought I'd let you guys know (prob a good call since .doc is awful).

Hi danny,

That's correct, a one-pager is required and I see that you have have uploaded that for your idea, great! We are working on getting .docx format to work as well so it's in the pipeline! Until then, pdf should be alright as well!

All the best,


Hi, my question is where is the boat starting the trip? and where it would be in the end of the 100 days?

Hi Gabriel!

If you check the Coboat website and scroll down to "Destinations" you will see where the boat will be when. So where it starts depends on when you start!

Here's the website:

Best, //Olof

My creative juices are flowing and my fingers anxious to tap my idea on the keyboard! The idea of a floating NextSpace is exciting! Anchors away!

Glad to hear kimaris! Looking forward to see your idea then. :)

All the best,


Hi guys,

The half time feedback is now up! Yesterday we sat down with Coboat and the jury and here above you can read the tips & tricks that will help you to optimise your ideas. Looking forward to see more of your innovative ideas take sail!

All the best,


This truly sounds like an amazing opportunity for myself! I am a videographer and video journalist and I have many ideas floating around my head! I'm sure I can think of a great idea! I cannot seem to find where I send my idea to?

Thanks, Aleks

Hi aleksyatskevich,

Glad to hear, looking forward to hear them! :) You can submit your idea by clicking "Submit idea" to the top right of this page. It's next to the "See all ideas" button! See it?

All the best,


Hi Olof,

The project terms are quite legalese. My submission would not be client-based, but an ongoing personal/collaborative art project. Do I retain copyright, ownership, artistic control and all future monetary profit? How long does jovoto retain any right stated in the project terms (e.g., merchandising rights)? Are the project terms specific to the coboat project, or are they the project terms you use for all your Crowdstorm projects? Thanks, in advance, for clarifying.


Dear Brian,

thanks for your question. This project is quiet different from the other projects on jovoto. Coboat is running the competition on the jovoto platform for the purpose of self-promotion and is not interested in licensing an idea submitted on the platform (the prizes do not include a license fee).

Therefore you retain the exclusive rights for your idea but transfer the following rights to jovoto and the client when submitting an idea:

When entering an idea into a project, jovoto may display, share and print it for presentational purposes. See point 7.2 in the terms of use:

7.2 Creatives uploading a work sample to their user profile grant to jovoto non-exclusive transferable rights, without restriction on time, space or content, to use the content to the extent required for the operation of the platform. In particular, the creative grants to jovoto the right to hold the work samples on the platform for access by third parties (making them available to the public) and to make any copies necessary for this purpose. The creative also grants to jovoto the right to edit the works in question in order to present them more favorably on the website.

When entering an idea into a project, the client may display, share an print it for presentational purposes as well. See point 4.1 in the project terms:

4.1 By participating in a project, the creative grants to the client the non-exclusive right of use, without restriction on content, time or space, to present his ideas and works as such outside of advertising campaigns or in order to promote the project, alone or together with the ideas and works of other creatives participating in the project, in any medium. Moreover, the creative grants to the client the right to use the ideas and works for the purpose of internal and external market research (…) This may require the distributing and making the ideas and works publicly accessible, limited to the aforementioned purposes.

The project terms we use here are the standard terms we use for all Crowdstorm projects. Please note that a direct agreement with Coboat will be reached with the winners of the community voting as well as the jury award.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Olof

Hi Olof,

Thanks for your reply. I've exchanged some messages with James and Gerald of Coboat, and with Bastian of Jovoto. I'm not doubting the honesty and sincerity of anyone involved in regards to their stating that the creative retains all Intellectual Property rights. I would be, though, according to section 4 of the Project Terms, relinquishing licensing rights to every aspect of content I produced, in perpetuity. I won't go into detail, as all the info is in the Project Terms. I completely understand the need for Jovoto to be given permission to have access to and use the content it needs to operate the platform. I also believe the Coboat and Jovoto team when they say they have no intention to abrogate IP rights or claim licensing rights. But section 4 is extensive and comprehensive. It technically has me signing away all licensing rights to my Intellectual Property by submitting a project. So maintaining the IP rights becomes, essentially, moot.

I suspected that the boilerplate Jovoto Project Terms and Terms of Use were being used. As you state yourself, this is a completely different type of project than the normal Crowdstorming projects that Jovoto runs. I would submit, with all due respect, that given such, different Project Terms should have been created. Once again, I believe everyone at Coboat and Jovoto are acting in good faith. But as a longtime creative and artist, the way it stands, by submitting a project, I would essentially be relying on a handshake agreement in regards to licensing rights, which, I think, is problematic. I'm certainly no expert on IP rights, but maintaining them while signing away licensing rights strikes me as, ultimately, being, technically, the same thing and potentially ends with the same result. I've continued to work on a project submission throughout because what Coboat, through Jovoto, are offering is practically tailor-made for where I sit on a long-term, collaborative art project. It would potentially facilitate a profound next-step for me. Baked into the cake of my project is a desire to create long-term, collaborative artistic relationships that result in a creative endeavor from which all involved derive creative freedom as well as financial profit. The Project Terms would technically put that at jeopardy by having third parties retaining licensing rights.

Sorry about being such a pain in the butt about this. It's obviously something I'm concerned with and fired up about. Thanks again for your reply.


Cool project, sadly i need an army of developers for most of my ideas. So that's gonna be a problem on a boat. And the one that isn't will be hitting Indiegogo quite soon. Much luck to the people who can participate. could solve part of your problem:)

Haha thanks for the tip! Right now i am working with a small team, but it's growing so maybe i should search for some additional help!

Hi there,

I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow is the deadline for submissions so if you still have ideas that you haven't posted, now is time to do so! Or if you have ideas that might need some tweaking, make it happen!

24hours to go, gO GO!

Best, Olof

Hey Olof,

I just found out about this last night but I would really love to submit my idea! What is the exact time deadline for submissions? I'm in the UTC-08:00 Pacific time zone.

cheers! Christine

Hi Christine!

17:00 UTC+0200 is the deadline so still 6 hours to go, plenty of time! :)

Best, Olof

I hope that I submitted it correctly? It says to upload a one pager - but I answered all my one page answers in the questions that were asked in the form + Pictures. Do you need more? Thanks! Neha

That's enough eptutors, we get the idea! :)

Best, Olof

Hello! I am having troubles to submit my idea, I can't manage to edit the credits of the picture I use as cover pictures ( I changed it after submitting my idea, and now the credits are irrelevant). The website keeps returning me the answer that there is an error, whithout pointing out where. I would appreciate some help there! Thank you Alice

Hi AliceB,

I have sent you a PM! ;)

Best, Olof

WOW! What a final spurt you guys did. Seems like many of you waited to the bitter end to submit your ideas. Many super interesting projects in there. Thanks everyone for submitting your ideas!

What happens now? The rating period only starts! This means that you have a week to go through all idea and give them your fairest rating to make sure that the people with the smartest and most suitable ideas win.

Start rating NOW! ;)

And stay tuned for more information regarding the jury's choice which will take place in the middle of October sometime.

Best, Olof

The rating only period is now closed!

Thanks to everyone who took time to go though all the ideas and rated them. We ended up with 1373 ratings on 78 ideas. Not bad guys!

Now we will do rating monitoring and get back to you with the final results next week, stay tuned!

All the best, Olof

The final results are here!

A big round of applause for the 6 community prize winners: DIMENSIVA by additio Vatra Typeface by bubuland 22STARS "Endless Summer Collection" by stellaromanaairoldi Smart Energy App for Boats by matthiasezeitler A story to inspire adventure by Rebecca Collins Sun + Water = Energie = Live by Artalacard

Great work all 6 of you and thanks to everyone who rated, commented and submitted ideas. It’s been super inspiring to see all your great ideas. Now we are looking forward to seeing them become reality! On Coboat or elsewhere.

The community prize winners will be contacted by Coboat to organize the next steps!

Stay tuned for more information regarding the jury award.

Best, Olof

Hi guys. I got some exciting news for you.

The jury has made it's decision!

A big round of applause for Stefan Bielski for his idea 55 minutes

Here's a quote from co-founder and jury member James Abbott about Stefan's idea: “55 Minutes is the meta idea made for Coboat – made on Coboat, that we wished for. Stefan embodies our philosophy of professional and personal growth through collaboration and learning from each other.”

Stefan will now get to spend 100 days on Coboat to work and play with visiting entrepreneurs to advance their projects and to create case studies for 55 Minutes products.

You can read the full announcement of the winner on the Coboat blog here

Great job everyone who participated in this project and a big congratulations to Stefan!

All the best, Olof

Hi all!

In case you missed it, I wanted to invite all you Coboat innovators, entrepreneurs, and creatives to another "future of" crowdstorm: "Looking ForeWork." We've partnered with WIRED, adidas, Cisco, Vitra and more to ask YOU about your wants, worries and vision for your future work. The crowdstorm runs to the end of January, and if you submit by tonight (00:00 CET 20th of December) you could earn a special surprise holiday award! Remember, you can submit a "seed" of an idea before it is fully developed!

Start envisioning your future and submit!

Just post beneath the Looking Forward brief or message me if you have any questions! :D

Best, Olof