Every moment matters
We should cherish and celebrate every moment of our life, the happy one and the sad one as well.


Every moment matters (working name) is project focused on celebrating and supporting not just happy moments but also the sad and uncomfortable ones in our life. I would like to support people in their ups and downs. Therefor my project brings light in dark moments in form of events.

In summary, what is your “Made on Coboat” project idea (max. 3 sentences)?

I want to develop a project that helps people overcome their obstacles in their life and help them to see the good in their life. In the same time I will involve refuges as a way how to support their small business in catering and event management.

How much of your project can you realistically achieve in 100 days if you will get the chance to stay on the Coboat?

In 100 days I would like to develop my idea in to concrete steps, create a web page with specific products, contract suppliers and create with them the cooperation, find supporting companies and investors and prepare the coming out event. I think I can manage it in 100 days.

Will you complete this project on your own, or will you be working with a together with a team?

My plan is to work on this project by my own, however I always welcome everyone who brings new view and ideas. Later on I will be working together with team.

Why should your project be chosen?

The project might not be unique, but I am and this is the best value proposition of my project. As every person I am distracted by my environment here and being 100 days locked on the boat with likeminded people will help me to put all my thoughts together in one great project that will help people and me as well.

What does this project mean to you?

It used to be just one of ideas in my locker until I went through hard times with my family and friends. I realize that life sucks and I have to deal with it and party is always good way how to do that. I am used to help people and I think I am better in supporting the sad and uncomfortable moments then those happy ones. The project is my way how to express myself and help people around me.

Why do you want to do this project?

As I wrote above it is my way how to help people to overcome their troubles and how to make them see the bright side in it. I don’t want to keep my ideas in a locker anymore.

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Not yet.