Defining the Future of Virtual Reality Film
CreatorCreator is developing applications for virtual reality (VR) filmmaking in documentary, adventure travel, tourism, and news industries.


VR film making is un-accessible for the average creator due to technological barriers – but this will change very rapidly in the coming years. This project aims to create the resources and workflows for every level of VR film production and provide them for free to creators.

CreatorCreator aims to create applications for VR in documentary filmmaking, journalism, tourism, and adventure travel industries while supporting up and coming VR filmmakers with up to date resources and support.

In summary, what is your “Made on Coboat” project idea (max. 3 sentences)?

1: CreatorCreator develops resources/content for up and coming/established virtual reality filmmakers. 2: Create a catalogue of short VR films from stops on the journey in journalistic style. 3: Experiment with the added layer of “presence” in VR and its commercial implications in experiential marketing.

How much of your project can you realistically achieve in 100 days if you will get the chance to stay on the Coboat?

In 100 days I will be able to - 1: Co-Build the platform/brand. 2: Create extensive free resources for entry level virtual reality film makers. 3: Design and co-produce an extensive content stream. 4: Develop an effective end to end workflow for VR film creation. 5: Create professional relationships for interviews, guest articles, and podcasts. 6: Most importantly, capture short VR stories in multiple countries with a custom camera rig.

Will you complete this project on your own, or will you be working with a together with a team?

This Project will consist of two contributors, myself (Tom) and my brother (Steve). Steve is based in Whistler, B.C., where he works at Sherpa's Cinema (, a world leading mountain film production company, while I will be working remotely.

Why should your project be chosen?

While virtual reality is still in its infancy, it is on the verge of becoming mainstream with both consumers and developers. Major companies such as Google, Facebook, Sony, Vice, The New York Times, and countless others are developing virtual reality for the masses. This year has seen a sharp rise in VR production and development, and next year VR will begin to focus heavily on the consumer. This is the perfect opportunity to develop a resource for the next generation of film makers.

What does this project mean to you?

What excites me most about VR is the added element of 'presence' that isn't achievable in any other medium.

Chris Milk, Founder of Vrse.Works has likened virtual reality documentaries to the ultimate "empathy" machines in a recent Ted Talk. This layer of presence provides and entirely new way to experience people, culture, stories, compassion, and place that have the potential to foster deeper human connections to others and to the natural world.

Why do you want to do this project?

Virtual Reality is literally the creation of a new medium for gaming, film making, news, art, and countless other medias - which has created an entirely new realm of opportunities for film making.

The rules have yet to be written, and it is a brave new creative world that I want to be an active value-adding member in.

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The pictures above were sourced from Google's Creative Commons images and features the F360 Explorer.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background. How do you fit into a team? What have you done before within the field of your idea?

The exciting part of VR is that very few people have experience in it. People come from a range of creative professional backgrounds.

I currently work full time at Arc Productions in Toronto as a professional feature film animator. On the side, I have developed A successful automated internet marketing business that allows me to actively choose meaningful pursuits.

I offer a unique creative skill set and perspective in teams, and am stoked to learn from other coboaters.