Through the Lens (working title)
A photo essay on a journey and life of a small coworking community sailing the seas.


I always found the contrasts very appealing and it's something i'm addressing in my work quite often. To put together office and sailing the oceans you first feel like it's two contrasting or even contradictory things but letting yourself think outside established norms it is not necessarily so. I believe for many the combination of both is rather symbiotic. I'm interested in exploring, documenting and interpreting the unison of both through my own and other coworker's experiences while on the

In summary, what is your “Made on Coboat” project idea (max. 3 sentences)?

I want to capture and show the essence of this fresh form of creative/entrepreneurial community and habitat that is Coboat. Experience it myself, feel it, let it get inspired by it and translate all this to the viewer through photography in a photo book, an exhibition and while on the boat with a photo blog. I'm not strictly cemented on details of the concept yet as i would want to let the whole experience inspire me and offer me possible interests of work as well.

How much of your project can you realistically achieve in 100 days if you will get the chance to stay on the Coboat?

The majority of my work would be achieved while on the boat. The essence of my idea is the life on the Coboat and the photos i will make while living on it. Doing the photo blog would be something that would be done at that time also leaving me only with editing the photos, making a design and layout for the publication and preparing the exhibition after my return.

Will you complete this project on your own, or will you be working with a together with a team?

This is a project i'll be working on by myself. But as obvious a role of other people on the boat is very important as well but not necessarily actively but just by being present and living the life on a boat as they feel like. Of course i'd be open for some collaborations also if desired so by other members of the crew.

Why should your project be chosen?

I feel my project will bring an interesting perspective on how work dynamics and relationships are changing and possibly will inspire people to be free, to create and to think about new possibilities. It will be a portrait of this new form of community. Or simply show someone how beautiful and magical sea/world is. My idea is something that can only be done if i am on Coboat and it's something that can be executed without any major risks and investments.

What does this project mean to you?

I always loved adventure. Sea is something i can not live without and it's also a reoccurring motif in my work. I wan't to do what i think Coboto is for, to let go and let the incredible surroundings, the nature and culture take me to places i'd otherwise maybe never reach creatively, personally and spiritually, while having other creatives and entrepreneurs sharing the space, ideas and life with me this makes for a very inspirational and motivational experience. I feel incredibly excited about

Why do you want to do this project?

Because i love photography and i love telling stories and translating feelings with it. Sailing and working on a Coboat is an incredibly interesting subject to work on. And i want to share it with the rest in my own way, through photography because i believe in this concept and i'm intrigued by it.

Have you used any third-party material? Even if you've modified it, please ensure you source the original here. See FAQ for details.

All the photos you see are my own work. Not a part of a single series but just a relatively random selection to get a feel of what i like to do as a photographer.

Please tell us a bit about yourself and your professional background. How do you fit into a team? What have you done before within the field of your idea?

I'm a photographer and designer with great passion for what i do as well as for outdoors, travel and meeting new people. I'm also an avid surfer and ocean lover. I love to have fun but i also understand the importance of respect and discipline so i'm not worried about fitting in with the rest of the crew. In fact sharing space and life with others on the boat is something that appeals to me.