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Short description
The wind is in the sails, the calm sea is lapping at your feet: this is your new office, aboard the first coworking space to hit high seas. Coboat has teamed up with jovoto to give you up to 100 days of inspiration, adventure, and coworking aboard a catamaran. All you have to do is tell us what your dream project is and we will award the lucky winner the time, space, and inspiration to help make it a reality.

Your task
If you had 100 days of coworking on a catamaran, what is the one dream project that you would choose to work on? Experience the life of a creative nomad and make your dream a reality!

Your chance
Are you a photographer, video producer, author, musician, designer, coder, foodie, blogger, world traveller, or entrepreneur?  Whether it is your first movie, your latest idea for a book, a new business idea, your portfolio, an app, or any other project, this is your chance to make it a reality.

The grand jury prize winner will receive 100 days of food and lodging, and the chance of a lifetime to sail around the world with other creative nomads aboard Coboat: your temporary dream office.

Meet the founders of Coboat:

Project Jury

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