Coca-Cola Design+ Award

Develop concept ideas for the bottle crate of the future by Coca-Cola Germany.

€25,000prize pool

Develop concept ideas for the bottle crate of the future by Coca-Cola Germany.


What do the reusable bottle crates of the future look like? Which new requirements do they have to fulfill? Which roles do demographic change, different household sizes and new requirements on living space play?  Coca-Cola Germany wants to know – and with the Coca-Cola Design+ Award is now offering young creatives a platform in order to search for new concept ideas for the bottle crate of the future. Not an easy task: after all, in Germany Coca-Cola bottle crates are already versatile, practical and environmentally-friendly. And new concepts should also be practical and environmentally-friendly with a modern, original design.

The different requirements on the reusable bottle crate of the future will be evaluated by an expert jury. It will be made up of industry specialists from Coca-Cola, representatives from the “Love Green” initiative, the editor-in-chief of consumer magazine “Guter Rat”, the publishing manager of the living magazine H.O.M.E. and the founder of the website for mothers “NetMoms”. Together they will award the winners of the Coca-Cola Design+ Awards.

With this design contest Coca-Cola Germany is searching for concept ideas for the bottle crate of the future.

The Coca-Cola Design+ Award is oriented on the Coca-Cola sustainability strategy "Live Positively". The packaging is one of the focuses of the worldwide strategy. The requirements on reusable Coca-Cola bottle crate are therefore extremely high – it should be practical, environmentally-friendly and as light to transport as possible. And it goes without saying that it should also look good and fit into the image of a modern living space.

Coca-Cola Germany will reward the best design concepts with prize money totaling 25,000 Euros – including special prizes in the categories Design, User-Friendliness and Environment.

Coca-Cola Germany is using the contest as an opportunity to support young designers and promote creativity. The way the jury is made up should also raise awareness of the increasing demands on sustainability: after all, environmental-friendliness and demographic challenges like changing household sizes due to increasing number of singles and seniors should be reflected in the design’s form and function. The competition is not the basis for a mere remake of the bottle crates already on the market.

Special prize for Design
The jury will award a special prize to the design concept that depicts the Coca-Cola brand icon in the most exciting way.

Special prize for Environment
The most promising and far-sighted environment concept will be awarded by the environmental experts from Love Green with a special prize.

Special prize for User-Friendliness
The concept design, which best takes into account the individual requirements of different user groups, will be rewarded by the experts in modern consumer requirements with the User-Friendliness special prize.

Task Definition

Develop the Coca-Cola reusable crate of the future

a) which represents a new Coca-Cola design icon:
The current reusable bottle crate by Coca-Cola proves itself in millions of German households every day. But how could the bottle crate of the future look? We are looking for a crate that is so stylish and appealing that customers will proudly want to present in their living spaces, instead of hiding it in the garage.

b) which contributes to achieving Coca-Cola’s sustainability goals:
Coca-Cola is interested in your ideas of how, from an environmental point of view, the bottle crate could be further optimized in the future. You should also bear in mind the construction and weight, as well as the material used.

c) which fulfills the functional demands of the future customers:
The Coca-Cola bottle crate must fulfill the demands of all users. It should be as light as possible, easy to carry, transportable, stackable and suitable for storage. You should also consider the needs of special user groups like singles, families or seniors.

Target Group

  • The target group of Coca-Cola bottle crates is, basically, everyone who buys drinks.
  • The target groups of singles, families and seniors should also be taken into consideration.
  • The new crate should of course primarily impress Germany’s Coca-Cola and design lovers.


The design of your bottle crate should very clearly speak the “Coca-Cola language”

  • It should be functional and highly emotional at the same time
  • It should be environmentally-friendly but not an “organic crate”
  • It should be stylish and live up to the Coca-Cola brand icon

Mandatory requirements


  • The recognition factor of the Coca-Cola brand through the contoured bottle, the lettering and the red and white color scheme must be guaranteed.
  • The bottle crate should look so good that customers will want to present it in their living spaces.


  • It must be possible to industrially produce and mechanically refill the crate.
  • The bottle crate must be reusable - i.e. washable and refillable.
  • You have free rein in the choice of materials.
  • It must be possible to produce the bottle crate within a competitive budget.


  • The reusable bottle crate should be as convenient as possible for the end consumer to transport.
  • The bottle crate should be stackable.
  • So the reusable bottle crate can be transported for retailers it should fit flush, i.e. without overlap or underlap, on a euro-pallet (with the basic measurements of 120x80cm). The maximum height of the crates stacked on one pallet is 165cm.
  • Take into consideration the stability of the crate, as three palettes have to be stacked on top of one another.


  • The contoured bottle of Coca-Cola is the core element of the brand and should be maintained as such, also in its proportions. The 1-liter bottle has the following measurements:
  • Diameter at the thickest section: 80mm
  • Height: 295mm (without top)
  • However, you can vary the quantity of Coca-Cola in the bottle and the size of the bottle, as you consider appropriate for the user of the future.
  • It is up to you how many bottles you include in one crate.

Overall concept

  • Please explain and justify your overall concept, i.e. the choice of bottle size, bottle number, functionality and material of your reusable bottle.

Important information: Coca-Cola, Coke, the contour bottle, the dynamic wave and all featured brand labels are registered trademarks of the Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company holds the exclusive copyrights to all of the materials provided, which may solely be used for the ideas submitted within the confines of this contest. Use outside of the contest is prohibited.

Usefull links:

Download material

Click on the following links to download working material and additional information related to the project.

Project terms

For this project, special  project terms  apply.


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this could sound very stupid, but can anyone share a link with info about the existing crates? : "Germany Coca-Cola bottle crates are already versatile, practical and environmentally-friendly"

thank you

oh goodie, another public contest. the zombies will be on frenzy mode :)) good luck 2 every honest contestant ! :)

Finally got a link. It shows an animated, talking box ("Kurt"), which tells the consumer that the Coca-Cola bottle crates are versatile, practical and environmentally friendly.

thank you Kijedi.. good luck to all and Happy New Year ! :D

Welcome.....and to you too! :D

nice. happy new year :)

Happy New Year guys and and thanks to those who have posted the helpful links :)

I'm excited for this :D and I'm ready to see some awesome concepts!! Happy brainstorming into a New Year !

hey guys, a question, in Germany there is no glass bottles?

The bottles people bring home in Germany are made of plastic.

oh..i get it. i was a little confused because, in my country the bottles of 1Lt. are glass...thanks man.

Thanks alexandru_coman! In germany glass bottles are used in gastronomy and the bottles people would bring home in crates, like the 1 L are made of plastic.

Just trying to be helpful, as others have done for me :)

Hey ROY - The original smaller bottle of coke is still produced in glas only the 1,5 litre and 1,0 litre is produced in PET. At least in Germany.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to ALL and Cheers.............................. ;-))

hey thanks! i guess is different in every country. Here in latin america we have, at least 3 sizes of glass bottles. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! :)

Hi Jess, Would like clearify, are we designing a consumer product or transportation crate for coke ?

It is a transportation crate for Coca-Cola but this task gives designers a platform to go for it and come up with their own concepts. The brief says, "The bottle crate should look so good that customers will want to present it in their living spaces." Look over the mandatory requirements above and maybe it will help clarify a bit more! Any more questions, let me know! :-)

Alright, Thank you :D Happy New year!

I think I'm a little confused as to how the crate is typically used.

Is the crate something that consumers purchase and keep in their homes, like a reusable shopping bag?

Or do consumers "borrow" the crates to carry their bottles home from the store, then return the crates later to Coca-Cola (or the retailer)?

Or are the crates supposed to be for Coca-Cola distributors to transport bottles from the trucks into stores, but is something that consumers might purchase separately (or swipe, like milk crates in the U.S.)?

Apologies for the confusion -- just wanted to be clear on the task context.

Don't worry ... too many questions that do not serve... you just draw a box of good design that in the future will be used to carry bottles of Coca Cola, but it must be so beautiful that when you got home you want to show it to all :)

thanks. i only ask because i fervently believe in the adage, "form follows function", and that design should be informed by research and context. better to design products with purpose and meaning than to simply spit out beautiful but useless concepts, right?

it probably seems straightforward to many, but the "crating" concept does not exist at the consumer level here in the u.s. -- at least not in a mainstream capacity, i think -- so, just trying to understand the general idea of it. =)

Great question and cool discussion here! The crate is used to transport the bottles to the store, store to home and empty bottles from home to Coca-Cola where the crate is washed and refilled for a whole new life cycle. This is why the concept is to design a crate that you would want to show off in your home and still be 100% efficient in its life cycle ! ie- great design, washable, stackable !

Happy New Year and Merry Christmas to all!!!

Happy New Year guys!!! :)

Hello all, I am considering to have my GED Class (that I teach in the US) work on this contest as a part of class instruction, and we would try to submit some entries into the contest as a class group. I wanted to ask what the community thought of that idea. I love how complicated this task is, and how it necessarily involves math, writing, design, psychology, history, research, and a host of other class-relevant activities.

Also, the class is an English based class, and we would be able to help you with any English/translation, which we could do in the comments section. We will start our class four weeks beginning on January 9th, so please let me know if you would like this type of collaboration :)

Sometimes people only submit their entries in German, and this makes it very hard for others to follow-along. So, I hope my class can be of help to anyone who would like to work together. I will also try to make a personal submission of my own.

Thanks! Compton

Hey schoolaintsobad, Sounds like a great idea, let's talk via private message about the details! Best, Jess

Hi everybody,

I see lots of very nicely rendered Coke bottles in this contest. Anyone has a 3D-model to share? I was hoping Coca Cola would supply us with this anyway. Did I miss something?

i see a lot of different bottles being rendered, most of which are not coca cola bottles and all of which look out of scale(i.e: 1.5 liter or other volume ). since the contest organisers are so insistent the bottle is important to corporate image, it would be in their best interest to share an official 3D bottle model to reference from or at least an official dimensioned blueprint.

There are a lot of diffr. original coke bottles in 3D out there - You have to pay a vew bucks and that´s it...................GOOGLE is your friend...................... ;-)

They gave us the measurements of the 1 liter bottle ... I modeled the bottle according to those ... From the brief: "Bottle •The contoured bottle of Coca-Cola is the core element of the brand and should be maintained as such, also in its proportions. The 1-liter bottle has the following measurements: •Diameter at the thickest section: 80mm •Height: 295mm (without top) •However, you can vary the quantity of Coca-Cola in the bottle and the size of the bottle, as you consider appropriate for the user of the future. •It is up to you how many bottles you include in one crate."

Yea - And there are enough drawings out there to model the bottle in scale and that´s for freeeeeeeeee.................... ;-)

i only can give you a AI-based bottle which i made a long time ago.

Thanks Mocki010 – you were right about our friend Google. I found something helpful – still don't understand why Coca Cola isn't supplying this data.

Bec. Coca Cola believes this is a secret - LOL - Have fun - Greats to Neuenstein ...................... ;-)

The brief mentions ease of mechanical refilling.. Any information regarding that process .in pictures or in videos would be useful..Jess please could u ask the company about that..

I'm on it! We'll check in with the client and get back to you :-)

hahaha! good one! I just went through the submissions so far and most of them lack this functionality.. :(

Good stuff! Thanks for sharing. See my message below, "Super Partner" Holly....

Please help me, I can't submit idea, when I am uploading image there is writing "An idea has to have at least one media file:, what does it mean???

I think is the bug ... Do you work with Internet explorer? Download Google Chrome and try again ... and good luck :)

I work with Opera, thanks I will try :)

Are you sure you had a media file attached? ;) I see you have submitted an idea, so you've managed? Also for next time, you can also reach any community manager via private message or via the Support Center here:

Thank you! Yes, I attached file, but with other browser.

Hey folks... I have a few original ideas bouncing around in my head, but really need to collaborate with someone more talented to make them pretty enough to present to this esteemed crowd of graphic designers. IM me, if interested.

Tom. I do not mind to help. :-)

If you need help on 3D and rendering let me know ;-)

The guestion to the Guide :)

What does mean REUSABLE requirment in breifing? REUSABLE means that crate have to be many time usable as crate? or REUSABLE means that crate have to be used in different functions (once as crate and than as table, bench vase etc.)?

Is mandatory requirment is to design crate REUSABLE or mandatory is to design crate as MULTI-FUNCTIONAL object?


Good question here! -Reusable means filling the requirements under "User-friendliness" & especially "Production" (in the briefing above, under Mandatory Requirements) in a life cycle- over and over again.

Design is also a MAIN consideration. Your crate should be 100% efficient in the above mentioned (user-friendliness & production) as well as so awesome, people want to show it off in their homes and don't have to store it away in the garage.

So multifunction is cool but not a mandatory, but it MUST look great and serve the purpose of it's reusable, stackable, transportation function!

thanks Jess.. will consider this while voting..

any object is reusable by nature. you can use a bucket as a hat, or a wife as a maid, or a TV as a babysitter. any of the crates entered so far in this contest can be used as stepstool, so i think it's rather silly to make multi-usage a focus at all in their design. if the crate doesn't function well at the primary task as a result of a secondary use then the design is a failure.

On the brief it says, " it should fit flush, i.e. without overlap or under lap, on a euro-pallet". With so many ideas having curves, how will they work?

I'm sure all the contestants will show their crates stacked on pallets to illustrate how well they fit ;-)

I'm sure they will but i believe starting off with a curved crate will prove to be difficult to fit flush on the pallet.

I don't know if this might help anyone. Very interesting.

Very informative...thanks!

Thank you Kijedi very useful information!

Excellent link! Thanks Kijedi

I have a question. Can I send messages to community members like this "Hello RK_341! I am participating at "........" and I would be grateful to you to have a look at my idea! Thank you in advance for your feedback!

With my best regards," I think it is incorrect ;)

Hi Alex, I fall this mistake when I registrated myself on this site but the "jovoto members" immediatly send message for me and this link: They said this is an old story but I was a new member and I didn't know!

Hey there, This is a good point RK_341 and we appreciate you bringing it up. However, a briefing is meant for questions and comments relating to the task. I moved this conversation into the Support Center and you can find it here:

We are doing relentless rating monitoring and doing all we can to stop the side mailing. That's also up to the community to tell other members *nicely that it's not what we consider fair behavior on jovoto.

I am very grateful to you for your work. Many thanks because many new associates are upset when their rating fall without the actual reasons. Thanks big.

With 107 ideas (as of today) on board, is it possible to get the client's feedback?

Ask and you shall receive ;) We had a feedback talk on Friday and I was juuust putting together the blog post! Here you go:

Hello Coca-Cola Creatives!

Here is the halftime feedback from the Coca-Cola Design+ Award! You can also find it on the blog: Here:

19 days since we opened the creative playground for new Coke crate ideas – and over 100 ideas submitted already! Accompanied by a super lively discussion on design, usability and sustainability of new crate concepts.

As you can imagine we had a very long and intense „Bergfest“ (feedback talk) with the packaging and marketing professionals from Coca-Cola Germany, going through the ideas and the questions discussed in the contest. Now we can give you a summary of the findings to help you develop your ideas further. So here we go!


The Coca-Cola professionals are eager to understand your ideas in detail to be able to assess them better. So it is most important that you deliver a clear description on: • What is your idea is? • What problem does your solution solve? • And how does your solution solve this problem (by using a certain function, by using a certain material, etc.)


We see no limits to your ideas and how your Coca-Cola crates could be used and put into a living environment – which is a great inspiration. Sometimes the crates even cross the boarder of still being a crate – they could certainly win prizes in a contest for Coke branded furniture! ?But please consider the key use of the transportation crate is to carry the bottles from store to home – and back to the store.

So besides being an iconic accessory for every apartment the crate should never loose its function of bringing the bottles back! With all that moving around, (the main function of each crate!) – no matter what material is made of – will show traces of use, ware & tare. Consider this when you’re thinking of displaying your crate as a glossy icon for a living room.?With a lifespan up to 20 years, a crate will go through hundreds of returns! –This is why its so important to consider terms of stability and sustainability.


You guys are doing a brilliant job in putting the Coca-Cola brand on center stage. Many, many “got-to-have” crates in this contest! There are crates that are pieces of art and of course this aspect is very important for Coca-Cola. One important aspect to be considered (because crates are used up to 20 years) the branding must be timeless so it never interferes with the visual language & communication of Coca-Cola. And unfortunately the style question of “the everyday” is limited by requirements and functionality.


Do round forms work? Triangles? Organic Forms? There’s one simple solution to this question. As long as you manage to stack as many bottles on the palette as Coca-Cola does today that is fine. If your solution wastes too much space – it’s not.


In connection with the fact that a transportation crate has to be returnable, over and over again- is the fact that ALL PARTS have to be durable enough to survive this heavy use. Most thin and movable parts probably won’t last. Parts that can even detached from the crate will most probably get lost very quickly. Parts that stick out of the crate body are likely to break off or to get in the way and cause trouble in the process of stacking and shipping the crates. Snap or clip handles are an easy thing to do, but consider you would have to do this a million times every day. Machines and production line workers would have additional work and loose time with over complicated extra-solutions – practicability tests prove that after all, the client wants solutions that use as little intricate hand work as possible.


As the briefing says, the crates have to be refillable in an automatized and mechanic way. Each extra step – like putting an extra lid or top to a crate – will make this process more complicated, will ask for more complicated machines and will slow down the process. Just imagine that in one day, tens of thousands of bottles have to be processed.


Clients want great solutions but at the same time no one is happy to add additional charges. So if you ad an additional function to the crate, think how many people would profit from the solution and would agree to pay more for it. A crate with a cooling system e.g. is more likely to be an extra Coca-Cola item than to be used as the general transportation crate.


Think about the people that carry the crates and give them solutions that are really comfortable. Observe precisely what fits human ergonomics & user-friendliness and what might not. Stackability – as often mentioned under the ideas – is a main issue.

Now that’s what I call feedback! So go on, undertake the challenge and carefully consider these tips. Keep asking questions, finding solutions and doing a great job!

I wish people are reading this and voting. Some designs are really not living upto the brief. It is tough not to vote for a great design but you always have to consider the guidelines before voting for any contest. And i believe people will take this brief in consideration before voting.

I second this - But for shure many voters don´t read the brief and they don´t vote acording to the brief - Like in may other contest too.......... ;-(

Dasharath: you say "It is tough not to vote for a great design". It is not a great design if it does not comply with the brief.

Mocki010: I agree with you. But until Jovoto modifies the rating/comment system, I don't see that changing.

Hey there, We are working on this guys! And until then, under briefings isn't the place for feature requests. Check out the Support Center here: Thanks :-)

It was really nice!!! Simple and functional ... corresponds perfectly to all the requirements of the brief and the new feedback ... so 10* :)))

it looks like the bottle caps would gouge the hands of the person carrying it. if not then the thin handle surely would. so 8* from me.

i have difficulty to imagine more of the crates submitted how they would look after 20 years of stacking handling pushing pulling and washing (on the other hand I have not a clue how I will look 20 y later- luckily there s no point on redesigning me:p)

plastics will easily last twenty years, and remain functioning after repeated washing and handling abuse. however, people will most likely abondon the crates as soon as it starts looking tattered and worn; or perhaps just because the now trendy crate style falls out of fashion. so it is unrealistic for coca-cola to think a crate will stay in circulation for more than a few years, without additional incentive to stand by aging crates.

"help me - the coke crate haunts me in the weekend" ;-)

dear creatives,

on the weekend - I was ice scating (you remember: coke at 3°) I discovered a feature of the coke crate (missing in the briefing) the organizers of this ice skating preparade the coke crates with holdes .... and the children (maybe also adults) use this crates as support to learn ice skating

and: "oh no" -all my ideas are not suitable for this function...... :-(

please take a look (maybe one of you creatives create a crate with blades):

Well it's not a mandatory but it's defiantly very very sweet! Thanks for sharing, made me smile! :D :D

Cool idea for children! :)

Why my operation so has fallen for one night? To me told that on your site many falsifications, I did not want to trust it, but I see that it is truth :(

I think you have angered the zombie. They here the main things! Here it is possible to hope only for jury, zombies will not allow to you to win, if you were not pleasant to them - you are doomed!

Write to Jess - she will be watching who did it.

Hey there, We do intensive rating monitoring to deal with this.

And if you have particular community members with suspicious behavior you can always let us community managers a private message or get in touch with us via the Support Center ( And we will have a look into it!

Best, Jess

Dear Jess I am very grateful to you for your work, but I will do works not for a rating, and for associates. To you not to win the zombie, they will always appear. Best, Alex

Thanks dear Jess, you perfectly see falsifications. Thanks for your job!

Here is the feedback from Coca-Cola that was posted on the blog. You can also get the full post here:

Dear Coca-Cola crate innovators,

We just had our 2nd feedback talk with Coca-Cola. First, we’re all happy and excited to see your over 200 ideas & keep them coming!?And second, well the main feedback really was, describe your ideas! They want to understand your idea better.?So to enable the client and the jury to judge your work please ALWAYS answer these questions in your idea-description: • What is the problem your idea is solving? ie: Is the crate too heavy? Is there too much material? How can you make this the most trendy crate out there? • How do you solve problems // What is your solution? ie: Less bottles, better shape? Less or new material? It looks damn good! • Who is your target group? ie: Elderly people, trendsetters etc.

And remember the special 3 special Jury prizes? Remember, at the end of the contest there will also be the 3 special Jury prizes for Design, Usability & Sustainability.?To help you to clarify for yourself and for those looking at your work where the strengths of your proposal are we came up with this handy graph.

(see graph in blogpost here:

?Just think which one of the three bubbles would get the most points in your own rating – is the strength of your idea mostly the Design, or is it just very useful or specially sustainable or even all three of those aspects? Please define and describe this aspects as clearly as possible!

After all, how can the Jury make assessments without a full presentation of your idea and how you view your work? So no matter which idea you are creating just let us know which direction you’re going in!

I suggest to make a rating invisible!!! Voting passes between works, which on the first page.

I agree! But...... It will kill many zombie))))))))))))))

Hey there! We agree as well :-) We actually have this feature developed we just need to test it out. In one of the next upcoming projects it will be rolled out and taken for a test drive. Keep your eyes out for it :-)

About Jesse is really good news! I hope the rating system to improve and be more honest. !!!

Good to hear. Making the crowd voting more honest might even bring some of us back to participate. It makes no sense to spend the time under the current setup, as we are especially giving ideas way for free.

EEEEEEEEAAAAA-H-H-H-H!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THX JESS!

Yes excellent idea! Now we can't see for whom zombies vote, will change nothing, but to reveal the zombie-account it becomes impossible

yeah good idea I think!

Hey friends, can will suffice to create the zombie-account? Let's create interesting works!!!!

You made ??me laugh. Now all the zombies will go and will do the box for Coca Cola. :D

Who are you? Why hide your face? You have to give this list Jess :)

You didn't reflect why leaders always same? Thus at them not so good works. If it was noticed by me why it isn't noticed by site administration? To write letters it is useless

Even if you will make excellent work - it will break off the zombie. Good luck to you

The list at once have removed.... Strange! You so don't consider?

I think Jess will examine your list.

I do not doubt, but why I should search for false accounts? And if to put to the bosses 8, and to other participants 3, such account will be not not found by anybody

I feel like a pawn in other people's wars ... Why do not you open up your name? Why do not you say what you think. : (

I would say more like queen, because you're first. And I have noticed that you are the one who complains the most, without any reason imo. If I am wrong please excuse me, but I have been watching the voting system here and didn't upload my idea because of that. Seems to bee many acting going on here.

In the contest where you vote for my work, after the Marriott close, I was rated 59. After cleaning, the rating was 16 :))) Do you think there will be better? I'm still surprised that I was in first place, but all to come. I write and I'll write Jess when I see strange behavior of my rankings. This is my only weapon. But I wonder for whom you play?

I think it will be your favorites in Coca Cola Nini or Paola :)

I can assume who will occupy the first 5-6 places

I love you felicitytrust!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there, All of the suggestions from felicitytrust have been recorded and taken into consideration but the comment space under the briefing is for questions about the task or comments having to do with the client or contest therefore the list has been removed. Thanks, Jess

It is a pity that delete links, the community should know the heroes

Hi goooseeva,

The thing is, not everyone in the community has a fake account and is trying to game the system. So for those people jovoto exists as a respectful and tolerant community where you can gain feedback and develop your ideas and work together. So for those people, we don't want to create a "witch hunt" feeling.

That is why we ask our community: if there is any suspicious behavior you send it to us, the community managers OR start a discussion in the Support Center (

Your lists can be helpful but please don't create a playground under the briefings or ideas.

Whether it be contacting the person with suspicious behavior and asking them about their ratings or putting them on global false we will handle the situation appropriately.

Thank you, Jess

Jesse is very difficult to register every user strange behavior. It takes a lot of time and effort. I hope this is the last contest with the voting system and you'll improve it ...

Perfectly well! But why users should search for false accounts? Than employees are occupied Jovoto?

This competition is not as bad as at the Marriott. Yes, Saturday and Sunday - a holiday for a zombie :))) But I can see that the moderators cleaned assessment. Well, thanks to helpers like you and Angel. We hope to change the voting system ... Otherwise it makes no sense to participate in competitions ...

Has changed nothing, for one night of the zombie bosses have returned themselves positions why there is no punishment for systematic creation of zombies-accounts? I congratulate winners! paolaoliva, zaarchitects, BUSINS, nininichvarak. BRAVO JOVOTO!

Also, please take into consideration when you look at a members profile and a black & pink pop-up box comes up that says, "Currently some concerns have been raised regarding the rating behavior of "jovoto123". This person's ratings are under review and not factored into the overall rating score."

That means their ratings are not taken into account and are not counted. So if you see that, we've already taken care of it.

My account is blocked month, nobody has explained to me that I have broken, but half of zombies-accounts you don't lock. If you ask "you not the zombie-account"? Nobody will answer you "Yes I am zombie!" It is simply silly. It completely agree with Elina, it is necessary to change system of estimations

Your competitors probably complained :))) Envy engine of progress :))) I can not imagine how they catch these zombies. How to understand what makes people honest assessment or help to someone. I think private competition - honest , is the ratings do not change almost.

Two users (Sergey12 and Vika) after the shortlist are putting ideas into victorinox! This makes it easy to become "creative" and not be monitored! There are many others like them!

I too the creative person at me am work)))) which you have specified Those accounts blocks nobody, site administrations who will be indifferent on prize-winning places

I have lost dashboard :(

Just click on the Jovoto logo and it will take you there :)

Oh Thank you. You helped me :))) And now the button "dashboard" will not?

i wrote jeroen today about my missing dashboard :) I guess we don't get that tab anymore, but yes clicking "jovoto' will take you there... This contest is crazy just stopping by...much more aggressive than a knife contest lol...but i'm experiencing same frustrations and looking forward to the Hidden Ranks!! :)

Hey there! Kijedi is right :-) from now on to get to your dashboard, just click on the jovoto logo. I'm writing a blog post right now about the updates and sending out a dashboard message as soon as it's done. Sorry for the bit of confusion! Best, Jess

it's rather disturbing that some people couldn't figure that out for themselves. such is jovoto.

I've read the overall legal documents and then read the briefing for this competition and I'm not sure, in the case of this competition, whether you are obliged to sell all the rights to your design for €7,500 if Coca-Cola Germany choose to buy. Can you say 'no'?

Can someone clarify please.


Hey there 51m0n,

The answer to your query is, well, no you can't say no. By uploading your submission you are agreeing to license your idea in the event the client would like to purchase it. The licensing fee is always the amount stated in the briefing, which in this case (the Coca-Cola Design+ Award) is 7500 euro.

You can find the exact wording in our Terms of Service under the heading “Selling Ideas to Third Parties” found here:

Hope that helps to answer your question. If you have anymore just let me know :-)

Best, Jess

Thanks Jess - that's very clear. I thought that might be the case.



Hey, is there an official opportunity to download a 3D Model of the bottle for the 3D construction? Instead of buying the model for $80 in a 3D forum?


I did not find any. Which software and rendering engine do you use, any how much would you pay for the good model?

Hey there, in the briefing above, it isn't a 3d model but there is an image of a coca-cola bottle you can download in the section "Download Material".

This is the model I made and use for my entry, the 1l bottle in 3dmax I upload it at : I guess you need a google account to download it. Good luck

I need some clarification please:

CocaCola gets all the copyrights on images, but what type of ownership over his design does designer retain? If the create is produced, do we get royalties of each product sold? Some ideas might we wort more than the prize money.

Hey there, When you upload an idea the creative always retains the rights to his or her idea & design. In the event that the client would like to license the idea, then the creative is paid the licensing fee, which is always stated in the briefing under. In this contest, the Coca-Cola Design+ Award the licensing fee is 7,500 euro. Anymore questions just let me know! Best, Jess

How ideas which not correspond with brief and feedback can have such a high ratings?

These top ideas objectively pass briefing, but are in top places!!!! :

Strange contest and voting.

Hei charlitoz! You gave weird responses. Your favorite work of Poalei, which at the moment, too, does not meet the brief. She placed the minimum of bottles on the pallet. A total of 48 pieces in one layer. In the projects that you have identified in 2 times more bottles in one layer. All the projects could be found flaws ... ;-)

I ' sorry it work "COKE 'N' PLAY" Paola Oliva.

You true coke/n/play also dont meet requirments - europallet have very small amount of bottles that increase transport costs!!

But there are very many ideas that meets all contest requirments!!! (also your idea, roygarcia, busins, gturkington, and many others) Why people rate images and don't look into briefing and feedbacks?

it is strange. I think if idea pass requirments of brief, it cannot be rated more than 5. isnt it?

You quickly change your opinion. :-) I think you should take a closer look before you put the draft assessment. ;-)

Maccio Capatonda - Abbagli :-D

Hey there, That's why I watch over the ratings! So please leave this space for comments & questions about the contest rather than accusations. Thanks, Jess

The only strange thing here is your behavior ... I read all your comments on the top ranked ideas, you criticize for more than one material, moving parts, not good stability and long lasting and so on, and at the same time you love an idea which combines them all! Strange...., no? So your opinion here is nothing but a spam and is not objective at all.

*the above is a reply to Charlitoz.

Hey charlitoz & creativa,

Let's remember to keep a friendly and tolerant voice when speaking to each other on the platform. If you have a problem or find the rating behavior of others suspicious, please contact me directly. The briefing is meant for questions and feedback that have to do with this specific project.

Thanks, Jess

I need an explanation of the sentence: "The Coca-Cola Company holds the exclusive copyrights to all of the materials provided, which may solely be used for the ideas submitted within the confines of this contest. Use outside of the contest is prohibited." May we display our designs on out own portfolio websites afterwards? Thanks

I guess CocaCola won't let you use their brand in your portfolio if you are not the contest winner - so there are no crappy designs with a Coke Logo on the designers' personal pages. If you win, they may allow you to boast with it. In the end: you do it for the contest only and if you win you will get the prize money as a license fee and you allow Coke to use the design worldwide and forever for 7500 EUR.

Hey there, To clarify your question, you can publish your work without including anything that is a registered trademark of Coca-Cola. For example, the color, bottle & logo.
So a good example could be provided by changing the color and not including the logo, you could display your work. Best, Jess

The ideas in this contest are impressive. There is a highly creative and professional. Congratulations to all participants.

400+ ideas... Impressive.. This contest is really effective! Best of luck to all!

amazing!! so many creative people !! good luck also too!!!!

Coca Cola Design Award or call it the bashing project. Sorry guys it's so ridiculous. There are so many impressive ideas which are positioned from the middle to the last places. having said this thanks to all fake voters which their fake accounts.

I agree. A lot of good work at the bottom and a lot of beating (

i think a new user which hasn't upload a own idea shouldn't be able to vote. i think it's only fair

But there is users without argument and critics, just hate our ideas ..

I know, have seen him today too.

That's what I say again and again. No own idea, no permission to vote. Unfortunately this one debate explains a lot. Thus an honest vote can not be obtained. :(

I think the jury should vote also the places 1-20 that would be the fairest way in my opinion!!

I agree. I talked about this a long time.

s7ef: Do you mean that the community could comment, but not rate? Only the jury would rate? I would support this whole-heartedly! And entries should be anonymous so as not to influence the jury.

Steve, I have already suggested jovoto another rating system. Phase 2 of the competition. Phase 1 - is to download, discussion, criticism of the project without a rating. Phase 2 - an invisible rating, which can not be changed.

Hey there, Please use the Support Center, especially when it comes to feature requests! Under a project briefing is really not the place.

Support Center:

maybe there is the only place where someone see what happend at this contest. Actually my idea is falling down from place 5 to 110...and nothing will happen.

@svpribyl: Exactly thats what I ment, the community can give feedback and comments. I think this would result in constructive and honest comments and critics about the ideas. So you don't have to be affraid someone ranks your project down because you critiziced his one's....

Maybe there could be two votinings a community voting (that doesnt effect the places/price money) and the voting by a compentent jury which arranges the global places. Because I got the feeling that so many voters don't read the briefing...but the jury does.

I am also surprised something about the voting system. some are higher valued than are looked. Nevertheless, I find this contest brilliant. Because itself many creative heads decapitates can present or work together.

I think everyone would be interested to hear an honest opinion, let's hope this show with Facebook friends will be canceled in the following competitions ..:)

this would be a good one start. to me it is got shut more importantly honest opinions. nevertheless, it should promote and injure nobody. these voting proxies are simply unfair!!

I had a cosmetic operation! How do I look?

there is only one word: rattenscharf.

na willste meine Tel.-Nr. süßer ;-)

hab ich die nicht schon? ;)

nee Du meinst meine Zwillingsschwester Angelika

Wow kaptn you look cute :)

Immer wieder interessant die wahren Gesichter hinter den Profilen hier zu sehen! ;)

hmm L.A. doctors sucks ,-) want my old face back!

even I want your old face back))))))))))))

Why - not good? Hm need a new doctor...

Hey Alex, if I had seen your new face before, I could do a tribute to you too in Victorinox contest :)))

Hey community,

I've said this under this briefing before:

The thing is, not everyone in the community has a fake account and is trying to game the system. So for those people jovoto exists as a respectful and tolerant community where you can gain feedback and develop your ideas and work together. So for those people, we don't want to create a "witch hunt" feeling.

That is why we ask our community: if there is any suspicious behavior, send it to us, the community managers OR start a discussion in the Support Center (

Your lists can be helpful but please don't create a playground under the briefings or ideas.

Whether it be contacting the person with suspicious behavior and asking them about their ratings or putting them on global false we will handle the situation appropriately.

Thank you, Jess

not everyone had a fake account. but i just created one to make you wrong. now everyone has a fake account.

HA-HA-HA!!!! BRAVO teigan !

General question to those who are using bio degradable and bio plastics for their crates

a) what is the compressive strength of bio degradable plastics vs normal plastics.. is it comparable or same.. will the crate be able to withstand stacking weight. Most online details give tensile strength only so I am not able to make a fair assessment. b) From what I have read the cost of bio plastics or bio degradable plastics is high.. what options are there to bring down the cost of creating the crates..

Any one can respond, not just those who are involved in the design...I see a lot of ideas which are equally good.. the difference in marks/rating is now hinging on choice of material used.. would really appreciate help in this..

A lot of innovative ideas among the designs, It is inspiring..

I think it helps to differentiate between re-used-plastics and bio-plastics. The utilization of the raw material surely is different, especially the amount of material used, molding period, pressure and the polymer additives included etc. You might light the article :

The plastic products we use, mostly, are not made out of a single raw materials. The elasticity, the rigidness, the ability to carry a weight varies, based on these materials. The re-used or the bio-plastics will not be used unaccompanied. Thus the questions you asked will be mainly answered though those.

Also the issue of geometrics is crucial. The transfer of weight (pressure & tension) is handled with an effective design. Geodesic structures is a good example of the less material and more weight-carrying.

The number of joints and motion parts in a single module, as well as the way they join are also some criteria.

The cost is an issue too in the choice of the plastic to be used. Some of the reproduction of plastics is cheaper than bio-plastics. The amount of plastic used and the endurance of the crates are 2 different vital elements for the long term cost. ( I think the pricing for molding can be ignored at this project due to the production amounts)

Thanks a lot leventa. Very helpful of you and what you have written, clarified my doubts to a large extent.....I was specifically asking about bio degradable plastics rather than recycled or re used plastics. ie crates which are newly made from bio degradable plastics only. If the bio degradable plastics are not used un accompanied wouldn't the biodegradability percentage be reduced? From what u mention may be a combination of bio degradable plastics and recycled plastics would be that could be one possible solution. You can correct me if I am wrong here..I was concerned about the compressive strength because a few of the articles mentioned that some bio degradable plastics are brittle..I really like the idea of using bio degradable plastics..and wanted to know more abt it before rating.. Bio plastics I understand are made from bio sources and are not the same as bio degradable plastics.. so the latter seems preferable over bio plastics)..Thanks once again, Regards szach

there are many very different "bio" plastics available. they vary greatly but all get lumped together by ecojournalism. some of them have physical properties nearly as good as petroleum plastic. however, those are the ones which are not biodegradable, and at the end of the day they are no better for the environment than conventional plastic.

Thanks Teigan..I appreciate the feedback given..I guess work is still on in developing good bio plastics... I was reading up on some of the bio plastics mentioned and some of them seem to be bio degradable too.. Regards szach

actually bio plastics have been around for decades. ISI invented one made from farmed bacteria. monsanto currently owns the license for biopol plastic, but it will never be produced because of high cost. so it isn't technology development which is the issue.

i think, now it's enough. After my ideas are all falling down and i see those ratings here i have to say it's a absolutely disgrace what happend in this contest. Sorry i know that you normally shouldn't name the users, but what i see here it's ridiculous. there is a memeber ( and its ideas are nearly all placed at the front. and i always i'm on jovoto and see whatt happend on the page some users catch my eyes because they only vote/loves his idea.

Sorry contest guides, but if nothing will be happend please take ALL MY IDEAS OUT of this contest.

Calm, Jungblut! Many people already realized this issue, I´m sure the Jovoto team has been contacted a lot (also from me), they will do the Monitoring and it´s gonna be fine :-) It is indeed ridiculous! When will they ever learn? :-(

monitoring is what i hear all the but it's nothing happend. quite the contrary, i fall down about 20 places, in only one hour

I see a lot of good projects that are at the bottom. I have asked Jesse to show what could be would without the votes of friends from Facebook?

Dear community,

As jvanboxtel once put it, it was a roller coaster for ratings this weekend.

I am getting through the all of the ratings but it takes time. Please trust us and hold tight until the end of the rating period, when the ratings will be reviewed for a final time.

Best, Jess

why are people i know personally as actual members being labeled by jovoto as suspicious raters. rk-341 and mdm have participated and rated in many contests. even if they hate or love every idea, who is jovoto to judge their opinions. your so called algorithm for spotting irregular rating behaviour obviously doesn't work.

If you express the opinion of teigan , your account too will block!))))))))) and the message at a briefing will remove. Congratulate winners is better, they are already known ;)

Much more interesting prizes of the jury.:)

It agree!! But obvious zombies accounts easy vote for themselves!!!

I'm sorry dear fans. I prefer not to get your voice, than to get it dishonestly.

Jess speaks, all supervises, but we see that it not so...

It isn't strange, it is fair!)))))))))

Guys. We are all working on rating monitoring at the moment, with such a huge amount of votes there is indeed some delay.

Just FYI, their votes didn't count anyway because of the karma treshold.

Cheers, Jeroen

Psst don't tell - Jeroen

Dear Coca - Cola Jury Team, as you probably noticed, there are many amazing ideas not ranking in the top places due to later submittion and thus fewer votings etc.. Just kindingly reminding before you decide the winner :) Thanks!

I sent a list with at least 130 suspicious accounts. I hope in the efficacy of the monitoring system.

And I have question. Why do I see a randomly that I was a favorite in people, and they do not appear on my dashboard?

You mean you don't see the users who loved your idea on your dashboard? Could have several reasons. e.g. people who updated their rating. Users who give a direct 10 should show though. (If not, pls report it in the support center so i can look into it)

Rating of these people have already checked:). I just noticed that my work is in their list of favorites, and on the dashboard I do not have them. That's what I said Jerome , about the possibility to change the rating - the possibility of fraud.

This contest has a lot good submissions. But I think the best ones are not in the top 20 :(

Teigan has stolen my avatar

well there some good once in the top :)




Are those real words?... how do you read it... :S

All ideas rated!!! This contest have amazing unique, visionary and professional ideas!!! Excellent quality of designs!!! Good luck to everyone!!! :)

Juicy "sold idea" money prize!!! 7,500 euros!!! Wow!!! Who will be the chosen one?... :P

yes i am surprised also too over so many ideas each other countrys.. great think!! and i am also happy over my places.. more than i hope. great contest!!!

This contest has many very good concepts, that can take influence on the future Coca Cola crate Design. I'm impressed!!!

Something wrong with the jury?

I have serious doubts that the jury read the brief! Jurors put loves to works which are completely contrary to all points of the brief!

For example, the idea ??Plant Crate: Cannot stack, don't meet palletes Bottles simply fall from the sides This form cant be made of the proposed material Unwashable due the proposed material (wood-moisture-sanitation) This material cant survive 20 years The colors do not correspond to Coca-Cola The corners will broke off quickly - not sustainable and so on and so forth:

If the work is completely contrary to the brief are assessed by the jury in such a way that we expect from the quality of voting in general? It is only my personal opnion, so please exuse me if I am wrong.

I'm sorry but i have to agree with julijaline. But that's not the only idea doesn't fits to the briefing. Maybe the jury doesn't exactly know what they want. It's really sad. But in this contest there are 3 main points which are relevant for the voting:

  1. you're the absolute Godfather of Renderings
  2. you write in every 2. sentences that you're idea is made by bio-plastic
  3. or 300 of your Facebook friends have still vote for your idea

Each Jury member is given the full briefing complete with a description of the task. We also had feedback talks and discussed the ideas with the Jury- But everyone has their own opinions.

you're right julijaline.. thats kinda when a lost faith in the current system... The best way forward for the time being may be to design crowdpleasers...

I agree with jungblut here are too many facebook friends. (I am one of the rare people how hates facebook and im not in it) The public vote is like a roller coaster ride. my idea goes in the last two days from place 28 to place 21 than back to 26 an then i think yesterday it goes to place 11 and now its on Place 17. I think since the Contest is closed for entrys and only voting is possible. The rollercoaster startet

But i trust jovot and their monitoring and i hope that they found every fake Vote. So that it gets a final and fair result. I am curious

What a ride ;)

We worked very hard in the last days to keep up with all the monitoring, but truth to be told, there is still a lot of monitoring ahead of us. I'm pretty confident a there will be changes after all the monitoring is done.

Besides that. The ratings are very close to eachother. e.g. your example 28 - 21 is difference of 0.04.

Thats right it is a tight race, but that makes your monitoring more importent. But im sure you all do a good job. I'm curious about the final result.

Thanks for the fast feedback

I am not present on facebook, is visible therefore my work fell with 11 by the 70th place in three days))))))

The same thing happened with my work "Regeneration". : ( I have a facebook, but from 5 people who voted for me, four did not get 150 karma. But the false accounts of all received more than 150 karma. Do not understand why it Facebook vote. It can be easier. Who has gathered the most votes gets Facebook special prize from Jovoto.

i have a question... How long does the jury need for the whole assessment? i´m following the swiss contest.. 2 or 3 weeks??

Hey there, The community winners will be announced as soon as we're done monitoring all the ratings which should be sometime at the end of next week. The winners of the 3 Jury prizes will be awarded in mid April! Hold tight :D

hey jess ;) thx a lot!! i m still waiting :)

Hallo liebe leute, das kann echt nicht mit rechten dingen zugehe. es scheint offentsichtlich zu sein, dass einige leute mit allen mitteln die ihnen zu verfügung stehen hier durch community mitglieder mehr als unrealistisch gepusht werden.

Sei es mit fake accounts oder sonst was. Vielleicht sollte man das bewertungssystem seitens jovoto einmal umstellen, sodass in einem wettbewerb auch nur mitglieder abstimmen können die zum jeweiligen wettbewerb auch selber etwas beigetragen haben.

die jury sollte bei ihren bewertungen die punkte und kriterien aus dem briefing zu grunde legen... was ja schon wie einige posts vorher schon aufgefallen ist, dass auch jurymitglieder eher subjektiv bewerten...

jetzt heisst es abwarten und cola trinken.

Hey there,

These aren't the final ranks. And we are working diligently monitoring all the ratings & identifying fake accounts. We'll have the final ratings by the end of next week.

Regarding the Jury, see my post above.

Thanks, Jess

From what I understood from your conversation, Facebook friends can vote for you?! I think that's not really fair. A person can have a lot of friends on facebook and I don't think the voting will be done correctly. Also, I noticed that a lot of people that vote don't even read the briefing. How can anyone give a maximum grade to a project that doesn't meet even half the requirements?! One could argue that they graded the concept. But the concept has to function in order to justify that big grade.

I'm one of the top projects after the voting ended and I didn't promote my project on facebook ( hell, I didn't even know that's allowed), this is my only account on jovoto and I trusted the people who voted that they did it correctly. I hope the monitoring is done properly and the jury should take into consideration their own requirements.

though I have facebook account, there have also advertised I for jovoto an also my project. the idea behind them with the fact which some people of my university ( evtentuell take part also in it.
I do not believe this the assessments of Facebook for the contest are decisive. Who is important Voting Proxies or Vote clients is of use. This is much worse!!!

Alex, I think the same way as you about Facebook. I have 57 friends. 5 vote in contest :))) . I see that their vote completely naive and certainly friendly.:))) And such a vote, I saw a lot. I just think that it would be logical to exclude the voices of friends from FB generally from voting, and to make the prize for the one who has collected more than anyone else "like". For the development and promotion Jovoto.

I have about 280 friends.and no

For me it was an experiment. I am opposed to the participation of friends from FB. But the team Zhovoto wrote in a discussion that they are interested in spreading information through Facebook. I agreed with Jesse text messages. I wrote it - " I participate in the contest. If you like you can vote. If you want to Your votes into account, then you should vote for other works. Interesting and worthy works very many. I naively believed that the vote by FB is not very sporting, but the site is explained that it is not. It will not be considered if you vote only for me :) "You can go to my FB profile and verify this information, it is open. The result, I realized that there was no mass voting will not be friends if you write it. I think these 5 votes still not counted. Because they do not gain 150 karma :))) But that no one cared about justice, But that no one cared about justice, I'll write Jess, so they do not take into account the votes of five of my friends anyway:)))

Hey, That's why there is a 150 point karma threshold which means your votes aren't considered if you are under this number of karma points.

So if you sign up via facebook, let's just say you have to invest some time before your votes are taken into consideration. Also, it is generally very easy to spot such participants because they are unaware of how the jovoto voting system works. And furthermore, we are aware where peoples sign ups come from so we are also able to take that into consideration.

**Please use the jovoto Support Center ( for feedback, features & discussions related to the the jovoto platform.

Thanks, Jess

Jess, I did not set a goal to have their votes considered! I was wondering how they will vote. But I saw a lot of friendly voting, behind threshold for the 150 karma. So they were warned about this?;-)

You really think that 150 points of a karma will stop swindlers? )))))))))))))

How could it be, that unter the top 20 ideas there are several entries, that even don't met the brifeing. That's ridiculous!

I here the most naive)))) I understood, it is impossible to benefit, the community won't allow to make it!

i have a feeling it might be better to not read the brief... :S

Today it is possible to vote from Facebook, tomorrow from other site, why such diagrams? There is an operation at competition - vote, there is no operation - there is no also a vote. Everything is clear and simple, but at you the same people win, it means you arranges

The current rating system is flawed in that you rate the overall design. If voters were made to rate on individual aspects of the brief (so in this case, on 1. Sustainability, 2. User-friendliness, 3. Stackability, 4. Innovation), then people who haven't read the brief would be aware that these are the important factors. Then jovoto works out the average and gives you your overall rating... Also, it would easily flag up facebook etc voters because if the community say a certain design is poor on sustainability, and the facebook voter gives it a 10 in that area..... well i'm sure you get the picture...

Hey there, thanks for your feedback. We have had similar thoughts & discussions before, split voting is on our minds. Please put your comments in the Support Center. Thanks, Jess

He-he, I see that in the following competitions leaders don't change, thus works don't correspond to a briefing)

Hello hello, To keep you up to date, rating monitoring is still underway and the winners will be announced next week. Thanks, Jess

I can already call winners now)))) They won earlier and will always win

*Important Note* These are NOT the final rankings! The project will be re-ranked before the FINAL WINNERS are announced.

Good-bye Jovoto

pls see above. This are not the winners. In 1 hour the real ones will be announced. Sorry for the inconvenience.

obvious kings of deception again won!! it is a shame!!!

?????? ????? ??????, ?????

Dear community,

We're sorry for the confusion in the last 20 minutes. Due to a mistake the contest was not properly re-ranked. The winners of the coke contest, are the ones announced now. Congratulations to all the winners!

We're sorry for any inconvenience caused!

Cheers, Jeroen

And what about jury prise ?

Hey there, the Jury prize will be announced on the 13. April.

congratulations to all participants ! lots of good ideas.

Absolutely a shame... Do you know monitoring? Its the tool if you're started at the first ranks and still ends at the 60. Goodbye.

I think all money it is necessary to give paolaoliva, BUSINS, zaarchitects.... so it will be honest

???? I don t understand why? we were working a lot 3 ideas With a lot of works!!! and only 9 place!!!

Congrats! to the winners and to the contestants.. There were so many ideas that I loved personally, which I would have rated higher, if not for the details in the brief.. So many innovative ideas... I really enjoyed seeing the different designs and concepts all of you came up with.. :)

Hey there!

The Jury winners were just announced! See the blog post and find out who won for design, user-friendliness & sustainability!

Congratulations to all participants!!

Congratulations to all participants and winners!!!!

And what about the Sold Idea?

Congrats to all participants! Great contest, and cool works!

what about Karma-King/Queen Special?

I congrats to all participants! How can I unregistered on this site? Maybe try the support?

Just drop me a PM, or go to


Congratulations all!

Heads up to all prize winners,

The prize money will be transferred today.

Cheers, jeroen

Is what is news?

Project terms

In order to be included in printed media coverage, I agree that I allow my idea or parts of my idea to be printed as well as the assurance I created the idea and the the images used are license free.