coca - cola bubbles
coca - cola bubbles


1. What is the problem your idea solving.

We would like to describe our way of thinking on this project.
First of all we've tried to identify main expectations of the coca cola company
in redesigned crate. Interesting that most reasonable way of carrying of filled 
plastic bottles is already invented - 12 bottles just wrapped tightly with thin 
polyethylene. These blocks stands above each other over thin carton layer. Thus,
we've defined that reduction of material usage is not main goal. Also mentioned
in brief positive life style, modern living space and other trends are maked up
us mind, thate in future cdreate will be not only transportation device but a
part of interaction between coca-cola and final buyers. Therefore main purpose
of the new crate became an interaction with the consumer, so crate can't be 
just utilitarian rigid box, whatewer lovely design it has. New functionality is 
needed - this claim is our main idea.  
2. Main feature among new functionality became suitcasish folding handle on the 
front, and small folding wheels on the back, so crate can be easily transported 
along supermarket, or a street. There is also additional flexible handle on the 
short side of the box to carry it in one hand like a bag. And of course crate 
can be taken in usual way with two hands. There is also possibility to hang it 
on bicycle rack with folding hooks on the bottom. 

Another new features are advertisiment functions. Inner light provided by two led 
lights working of 1 AAA alcaline each, embeded in crate body. It is simple to 
change and water resistant. There is also lighted surface on the bottom, working 
in the same way as inner. Function of the light allows not only to have a useful 
shelving, when crate used in interior, but also attract attention of other people, 
while someone drag it along the street from shop to home in a dusk.

It is important that with all these features crate retains measures and stackability 
of existing crate.

3. Our target group of course is all consumers of coca-cola consumers, but especially
with new functions it became useful for elderly or young buyers, who have less stre
ngth to hold, for bicyclers, and for those who don't use a car. The latter is also
important, scince many European cities are aming to decrease car usage. And vivid
design with dynamic lights will attract fashionable youghts.

Hereby, we believe buying of coke will become easier and more comfortable.

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