a flexible clear crate that reminds us of classic glass coke bottles


first look at this current coca-cola bottle:
as you can see, the coca-cola company diverges from their traditional bottle shape when they want to make a big statement.

in the same spirt, i am proposing a bold bottle shape to reflect a positive change in attitude at coca-cola.  by making the bottle into a pentahedron, we can fit more bottles in and eliminate crate partitions.  square pyramids tessellate better than round bottles.  the accompanying crate design is flush with the bottles for better contact and protection.  the bottles self center in the crates due to their own geometry under gravity.  the empty crates stack within each other, to take up less storage space.  the increased efficiency will make a significant reduction in fuel use for product distribution. 

the crates are made of a clear 95A durometer polyurethane.  this durable material is slightly soft and will not scuff surfaces.  it is also highly resistant to abrasion, unlike hard plastics.  these crates will not scratch and can look good for decades.  by tinting it green-blue and adding tiny air bubbles, the crate becomes reminiscent of the classic era glass coca-cola bottles. 

there will be two sizes of crate.  the small one has a 20x30cm footprint and holds 8 bottles at a weight of 17lbs.  the large one  has a 40x30cm footprint and holds 18 bottles at a weight of 39lbs.  the two crate types can be mixed and matched on a euro palette and tile perfectly in any configuration.

i am fully aware that my idea blatantly disobeys the brief.  however, if coca-cola is sincere about being environmentally friendly, then a more efficient bottle shape is required.  also, because my proposed bottle is similar in shape and proportion to the official contoured bottle, the crate strategies i am exploring can be adapted.   one way of maintaining corporate identity of the bottle shape is to insert a two dimensional silhouette of the classic old bottle into the new type bottle.  and of course, you can always fit 6 official coca-cola contour bottles into my exact same crate design upside down, which while not as good as 8,  is no less efficient than what everyone else is proposing.

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