Collapsible Crate
Collapsible Crate




The design is a Collapsible Crate based on Origami Folding Rectangle Prism. The design saves space, not only for the customer but also for the retailer and for warehousing at the Coca Cola Depot. The design is for 300ml glass bottles but is scalable to fit any size and number of Coca Cola bottles (500ml, 1L e.t.c.).The design features open sides to guarantee visibility of the distinctive Coca Cola Bottle Silhouette. The design also incorporates an innovative receptacle fo collect bottle caps for recycling. These would otherwise wind up in the street or in landfills,




The crate will be made of recycled Polyethelene Terephthalate (PET) from old Coca Cola Bottles. This will be a be lightweight for lighter load on transport vehicles, saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions. The innovative receptacle to collect bottle caps reduces littering in the environment and encourages recycling.


An additional feature is the glow in the dark Coca cola Logo,inspired by Coca Cola Zimbabwe's Christmas lit trucks. The logo will be printed in photoluminescent red paint and will glow in the dark.(The logo itself will remain unchanged).This will make the logo visible even in the dark!!! (I call it night branding)


User Friendliness


Since the users of the crate are not only the customer, but also the retailer and the warehouse (Coca Cola Depot), the design must be stackable. This design stays true to the purpose of crates. It is easily stackable when loaded and easily folded when empty into less than 20% its own space. That is a massive space saving of about 80%. The design includes a simple bracket that ensures the crate remains flat in its collapsed position and open in its working position.

Target Groups

Because of the scalability of the design and the elderly may purchase smaller and lighter packages with fewer bottles.

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