Invisible crate ?
No box (crate) needed! Just push (clip) the needed bottle together and carry them on the handel


A concept "out of the box" ;O)

every bottel has a hole in the bottom in the form of the lid. So you can stack these. The modified bottle gets also a handle to carry.

I like to show a other point of view: 
it seems like the "old" crate is not the nicest design object (for Coca Cola ;). 
- It gets dirty, maybe sticky 
- it gets scratched, so just a new well designed box would look good for a while 
- But the biggest point: Why do they have a crate? it is just an transport solution, nothing else. And now they try to redesign a (in my view) unnecessary box. 
= SOLUTION: NO CRATE NO DESIGN PROBLEM (and other advantages too)

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