Coca Cola in The House
Coca Cola in The House


  • Simple multifunctional bottle crate.Simple design.Nice and easy to use.

    - This product can be used in everyday life.It is practical and actively used in the household, so it is also a good advertisement of the brand.

    - This specific version consists of a box for 12 bottles each containing 1 lit?rs.

    -  In my opinion, the chosen material should be either bioplastics or a product derived from recycled plastics.
       Bioplastics have irrefutable ecological advantages, without a doubt they are the future of the plastic products. The only disadvantage is probably the higher industrial cost which is for sure to drop down as the bioplastics become more popular.
       -          I can not say the same regarding the recycled plastics, as they are proven to be harmful to both the environment and our health, however this is a well developed and popular industrial process and offers a lower price.