double walled crate with the option of cooling your drinks


UPDATE 12-03-08: see text on slides

UPDATE 12-01-18: I took out the cooling option for the crate, but implemented an additional cooling add-on, that Coke can sell separately or give away for promotion at events. The crate itself is still double walled for insulation but with less material. In between the bottles are 6 indents where simple tubular coco-cola-freezer elements can be put to cool down the coke. A simple EPP element as insulating cover that clips to the grip holes keeps the temperature inside. The crates size is based on the regular 12x 1l bottle, 40 x 30 cm, so no changes on filling the pallets for transportation. Also no change on the filling units. I guess this crate could easily just replace the old one.

UPDATE 2 (still in the pipeline): For the real coke enthusiasts, one could also develop an aktive cooling cover that works as clip-on fridge (220 Volt) to the crates. An ice cold drink always ready. Pictures will come later.

OLD:  design concept consists of a regular size (12 bottles à 1 Liter) crate made of blow moulded PP or PE. The double walled gives the crate a clean look and low weight. An opening on top allows to fill the cavity with ice cold water to keep your Coke cool easily even in hot summer days. It is also imaginable that drink suppliers deliver coke in frozen crates for special occasions.
The look with rounded edges all around is inspired by old 50`s style fridges and coke vending machines.
Four round feet integrated in the overall shape give the box a sturdy stand. These feet fit into the bottle recesses allowing easy stacking.

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