A simple idea, formed by extruding a single panel


The update: why try to fix what is not broke ... but we can improve it! only a few small changes can sometimes be huge! .. walls a little thicker and more rounded edges, a more comfortable grip, structural improvements, and the same stability and simplicity of the B4 and B6! 

A simple idea, formed by extruding a single panel. easy to do in my opinion, with many alternate uses, wine bottle holders,magazine rack, shoe organizer, and more.

4 presentations, red: 4 and 6 bottles and white: 4 to 6 bottles,  with handles, which allow up two, at the same time 

material: plastic biodegradable (PLA) produced from starch (found in vegetables such as potatoes and corn) converted to lactic acid which is the basis for the creation of polymer or plastic chains that can be injected, extruded or thermoformed. 

more  updates soon :)

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