Coca Cola Slice
Coca Cola Slice


material: biodegradable plastic( However I think that current biodegradable plastic wont last for 20 years, so a second solution in recycled plastic)
9l dimensions: 30/27/34        1 palette = 60 crates
6l dimensions: 30/17.8/34

A starting point in designing this crate was a simple box, sliced on the front and back side so the goods could be visible. The goal was for the design to be simple, fresh, unique and sporty style that represents the Coca Cola brand in the best way. A normal functioning of the crate to carry bottles is retained. 

The Coca Cola elements that have been used in designing this crate are the timeless and  recognizable Coca Cola name and the white- red color combination.Also, one of the branding elements  of this crate are  the visible bottles inside.

Smooth handles make this crate comfortable and easy to carry by one or two people at the same time. The 6l and 9l capacity crates are  light and easy to carry for young and older  people as well .


 A main function of the crate to carry the bottles from store to home and back to the store is retained. The design allows this crate  to be represented and used in every home in a different , unique and individual  way ( box for books, plant holder, magazines� )

The design is intended to be simple  and that as such it can survive the heavy use. So there are no movable and detachable parts on the crate that can be easily lost and break off. The stacking of the crate is very easy and it doesn�t require any extra time, also the crates are refillable in an automatized and mechanic way. The bottles are easily stacked and stable without any possibility of slipping or braking down from the weight of the pallet.


Available crates are:


The 9l crate

Dimensions 30/26.6/34. The color combination red and white and the transparent version. Total bottles on a standard euro palette 540 bottles.


The 6l crate
 Dimensions 30/17.8/34. The color combination red and white and the transparent version. Total bottles on a standard euro palette 480 bottles, in combination with one 9l row 540 bottles.

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