MINIMALIST and easy to carry the COCA-COLA STRAP
Flexibly, environmental optimizes, as easily as possible and above all well portable!


Our society have  always to fit in new life situations which wont change in the future. Flexibility are getting more and more important. Beginning by the students which basically don�t have very much space in their flat and moving out about all 6 months, to the older once in the target which are often overwhelmed with carrying 12 litre beverage crate.

To transport it on paletts there is another little ground, just lock it between the bottle rows.

I developed a beverage crate which is for the target of tomorrow. Flexible, economy optimise as light as possible and primarily good to carry.

The mounting is out of iron and around it red gum. Through the carrying strap is the Coca-Cola �box� as easy as possible to transport.

This idea can be easy and inexpensive fitted by the Coca-Cola-Company for theirs different kinds of bottles.

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