Coca-Cola LOVES You
Three of the most iconic symbols - Coca-cola's logo, ribbon & bottle's silhouette - unite in one!


The very design of the crate is a reflection of the brand itself.

It has unique, attractive and recognizable design for the Coca-Cola products only.
It seems important in this design that viewed from any side it displays all the three iconic symbols of Coca-Cola and gives nice visibility of the product - the bottles and the labels. 
The recognition factor of the Coca-Cola brand through the contoured bottle, the lettering and the red and white color scheme are guaranteed.
The design of this bottle crate clearly speaks the �Coca-Cola language� and offers futuristic look by using dynamic asymmetrical shape, which looks attractive and everyone will want to have and present it in their living spaces.


The offered design has highly emotional shape: connected the contoured bottle and the dynamic ribbons form a silhouette of a person - body (bottle) with hands (ribbons) embracing the bottles in the crate. Standing opposite to each other on the short sides of the crate they form two people holding each other and both embracing the Coca-Cola bottles. This sends hidden message of love and care to the customers from the company. Coca Cola loves their customers.


One of the most important aspects in this crate design is the handle. It offers:
? highly comfortable ergonomic shape, fitting each hand.
? distributing the load evenly, the customer uses only one hand for carrying the crate.
? easy recognition and user friendliness - the customer can easily see its function by the shape and color.
? the color of the handle is always the same as the color of the dynamic ribbon on the side of the crate, which complete the design and the color scheme.
? technically viewed the handle is placed into the short sides of the crate (contoured bottle shaped), which are structurally connected to the bottom, so the main load of the bottles and the crate is focused on the handle. This allows obtaining the optimized shape and less material usage.
? the handle has important role when the crates are stacked. The upper crate fits over it as well as increasing the stability.

The compact form and light weight of the crate allows good stacking and easy and safe transportation. It is designed to carry 6 bottles of 1L Coca-Cola and has the following dimensions: L26,5 W19,5 H33 cm.
This quantity meets the average user�s demands; it makes it possible to be carried in one hand from people who don't use cars, women and seniors.

The less number of bottles also means that the crate circulation from the store to the customer's home and back will be more intensive. This means that the crate will be more often shown in public won't stay at home for long periods instead of being in use (less crates produced in general, saving costs and less pollution).

? 90 crates on 5 rows (540 1L Coca-Cola bottles) fit flush on a euro-pallet with measurements of 120x80cm

The crate is made of strong and flexible recycled plastic materials in accordance with EU directives.

It is possible to industrially produce the crate. It is washable and mechanically refillable.

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