Coke case
2x6 layout Coke case


The idea is somewhere around  an alternative streamlined/slim/light outlook contrary to the existing heavy/bulky crate without compromising on its present day carrying capacity and keeping in mind constraints involved - mechanical refilling, factory handling, etc.

Slim profile, lightweight - Consumer ease of usability contrary to 'bulk' crate profile with same capacity. Working over structural robustness, lightweight, re-usability and product semantic, the design offers an outer skin for added structure, 'clean' visual/brand communication space and internal holder pegs for containing the bottles safely while reducing material for lightweight. For additional loss on weight, design technique of stylized mesh or other shaped cavities can be adopted on the outside; free outer space can be reused differently with no effect on its capacity - different crates with the same design.The case comes with integrated handle , holding pegs, outer skin, stack pegs and cavity for columnar stack-ability.

Dimension (mm)
length                                       -   530
breadth                                    -   200
height                                       -   310
total height(with stack peg)       -   314

Proposed material
- Traverse (Solegear bioplastic);  biomass fibers + conventional plastic for durable applications
- Bio-polyethylene; clean produced ubiquitous plastic

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