Sunny Summer Coca Pack
IDEA-01 "Sunny Summer" by Alexis Di Tullio: energy saving, clean, interactive, easy-to-carry, strong


Sunny Summer Coca Pack

This is my first drawing of the idea. I will be posting more info soon, but I can asure this: with this pack design we aim to: first of all, energy saving, while at the same time, Sunny Summer Coca Pack is intended to be a nice object at the house, shiny, and clean. Funny for kids too, and useful for dads and moms, for being an interactive object with proper look n feel.
An easy-to-carry, strong-to-pack-in-warehouses designed pack.
Most of all, the most important: It results useful. since I am planning to put battery chargers on top.
Thank you very much for your time please stay tuned and rate the idea, rate with imagination

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