- Sleek, simple, contemporary piece made of recycled plastic.

- Lightweight, small dimension (27*30*30cm) and with comfortable handles, LightCube is very easy  to carry

- In LightCube bottles will be well stuck and safe for transportation

- Focus on design which is clear, simple,  economicaly for saving space why it is easy to integrate in any living space

- Usefull and multifunctional: when the bottles are not in it, it�s envisioned as containers for keeping simple things

- Three versions of creat: white, red, transparent

- Capacity: 9 bottles of 1l.

*This crate can be carried in two ways. When it's full of bottles you can carry it like a classic crate (holes on the sides), but in other cases it can be carried with handle. It's on you to choose :).

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