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ecologically sensitive, economic, unique and intelligent Design


Basic concept:
Aim for the future of Coca-Cola is to develop a box that meets the requirements
of the next generations! The basic concept of my choice fell on a box of
6 x 1 liter bottles.

Just the right amount of Christmas and other celebrations in the family! And
enough for a single or senior to be provided with Coca-Cola for a few weeks.
Moreover, this amount is exactly right between the big Coca-Cola crates and a
single bottle!

The requirements for an attractive and remarkable design are now higher than
ever before! The design should be from the child to the senior accepted. It
needs to stand out from the crowd and differ from the competition. This is the
only way to influence the purchase decisions of consumers! Therefore I created
a unique design that makes the world-famous Coca-Cola contour in the center!

Viewed from the front you can see three of the known contours, curved Coca-Cola glasses, which stimulates the consumer the Gusto! On the two sides there is the most famous form of Coca-Cola, the Bottlecontour. As additional
functionality you can seen at first glance, the number of the 6 bottles. The
emotions and memories of Coca-Cola are aroused by this! The middle, curved
connecting brace reinforces this effect.
These recesses also assume the function of material and weight saving!

For carrying The Coca-Cola from store back home, to a party or to a jaunt you
need a comfortable grip! I placed a special emphasis on a broad and stable
grip, which is also good for longer carrying in your hand! The positions of the
two handles, left and right, benefit children and older people to wear. The
additional advantage of the handle is for Coca-Cola a simple technical
implementation in practice!

The selected material is polypropylene. It has good chemical resistance and
impact resistance. These properties are essential in a multiple use
(washability, shock loads). It also has a very low density of ~900kg/m^3.

To meet sustainability of our natural environment is one of the most important
issues in our time. So my box is made from recycled polypropylene screw caps! A sustainable cycle is given by the environment and thus benefit our Posterity.

With a weight of only 390g this case fulfill the requirements of a Resource-end
total solution! This results will bring economic and environmental advantages. Due to the low weight, the material costs remain within acceptable
limits and the transportation costs are Low. The main advantage of saving fuel
during transport, and thus to protect the environment is automatic!

This development is characterized by a bracing due to the high stability and
stiffness! Thus the crate can absorb a maximum load of 10900N (~ 1100kg).
Consequently, a stacks of 3 pallets including content is no problem
because there occurs only a Force of 1050N in a box! So there is a safety factor
of over 10! In addition, the property of strength has a great importance at

Another very important feature is the capability of manufacturing! A simple
production is essential to remain competitive at long time! My Coca-Cola crate
can bw produced in a single production step with the injection molding process. In order to achieve a low cooling time after the injection process the maximum wall thickness of the crate is sized to 3mm. This results in a reduced cycle time of the machine and, consequently, lower costs and faster production!

Warehousing and logistics:
In a globally connected world standardized parameters are of utmost importance!
The design of this crate is therefore adapted to the amount of Euro-palett.
30x20cm are exactly right to dispose 16 crates in one datum. With a height of
32cm the palett can carry 5 times 16 crates. This is a amount of 480 bottles.
The utilization of the available space is ideal!

In addition to this compact form, stacking is an essential feature! My box is
provided with a edge to ensure the fixation in any direction of the stack level. Equally important is the automatic feeding, which is given by this Coca-Cola crate.

This development meets the requirements for the following points:

Environmental awareness
Presentation of the brand Coca-Cola in the market

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