The movable crate
" THE MOVABLE CRATE " a step to save the mother earth.


"THE MOVABLE CRATE" is inspired from the insect ANT. The Legs of ants is the leg for the product and the body is the main body of the crate.
- The product is made from the recycled plastics . So it will reduce pollution and the raw materials.
- Unlike other regular crate which can hold 3 or 4 or may be 5. It can hold 17 bottles with the light body(Because its made from plastic). This is help in reducing pollution by transpiration.
- Unlike the regular boring crater its shape and aesthetic is more attractive that can attract the youth.
- The mixture of transparency and the solid material give it nice aesthetic appeal.
-The coca cola bottle will be totally protected by the scratch and being damamged because it is covered from all side.
- The wheel will make it easy for transpiration. Now even the weight of 16 bottle will not affect the efficient of the worker.
- Lastly the handle is in all for sides . So it will save time because now the worker can drag it from any side he want.

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