Magnetic...A modern take on a conventional style of transporting/manufacturing crates


Function & Production/Transportation

So...You may ask, why am I magnetic, what problem do I solve and how I solve it ? ...

In the manufacturing industry many of my counterparts are made with various forms of joinery/connecting mechanisms (i.e. locks, latches, grooves, hinges, screws, knobs etc) requiring special machinery, more material, and specially trained operators, which in turn, results in higher production costs for the respective company. In addition, some current/traditional methods of transporting goods from point A to B require the products, once on the skid, to be wrapped multiple times with cellophane to secure the load on the skid, and that isn�t too environmentally friendly. I on the other hand, with my simple yet multi-functional design use the concept of magnetic force to join to other crates, thus eliminating the need for complicated joinery and making me easy to transport. The strength of my magnetic layer will be strong enough to magnetize other crates, without compromising the ease of detaching the crates from one another. I am also easy to refill mechanically.


I know that I will have a life span of about 20 years, and over the course of my travels, I will inevitably show traces of ware and tare, but I am made from industrial grade recycled plastic which will keep me strong and when my time here on earth is over, I can be recycled and turned into something else. My plastic exterior and interior layer shield my magnetic layer(which is sandwiched between) from damage during transportation.

What also makes me special is that apart from simply functioning as a crate, my simplistic design allows me to be used in your home for a variety of different functions. Even if I have a scratch on the outside of my lid, don�t worry, flip it over and use me as a tray. My bottom half can serve as a magazine rack, stackable table, floating shelf, storage, and whatever else you can possibly think of.


I am a crate, a piece of kitchenware, and an addition to your home décor, so whatever form you will see me in, I will always say to you �Coca Cola�. The Coca Cola logo appears on every prominent side of the crate and lid so whether you are serving your guests drinks on the tray or using me as a magazine rack or shelf, I will be advertising myself in a very subtle way. 


I want to be timeless (im sticking around for 20 or so years) and functional, so I am a simple rectangular box, but have a lot to offer.

The renderings show a crate that is meant to fit 8 1L bottles, however the crate and be easily modified to fit various sizes of Coca Cola bottles.

The pair of half moon handles on both sides of my crate are ergonomically designed for easy lifting and carrying.


Sustainability and cost effectiveness are key factors that were considered throughout the design process of this crate.

I am a simple crate with no fancy buttons or frills, but I do the job of a crate and much more without costing an arm and a leg to produce.

In terms of material, I am made from recycled plastic and magnetic rubber (recyclable + synthetic as natural is more expensive). Initially, I was to be made from bio-plastic, however, the manufacturing process for bio-plastic was found to be very expensive and recycled plastic seemed to be a better and more cost effective solution. The benefits of using recycled plastic is that:

1.Recycling Plastics Conserves Energy and Natural Resources

The amount of energy and natural resources it takes to produce a virgin plastic is greater than what is required to produced a recycled plastic

2. Recycling Plastics Saves Landfill Space

Rather than filling up a landfill, recycled plastic takes from the landfill and turns plastic into products

3. Recycling Plastics is Relatively Easy

There are many facilities and programs and offer the service of recycling plastic





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