V3 crate


We decided to collect two our ideas. And  in a result we achieve perfect crate, which appropriate to briefing demands.
It is simple crate with good capacities for transportation.  
We reduced quantity of the material with help of interesting cross-structure, where horisontal element holds  bottles.
We used recycled plastic, like  polyethylene terephthalate.
Our proposal to the coca-cola comany is to give the clients promotional gift package, which will contain handles for backpack, and simple folding cart. 

As a result we have lightweight, affrodable, ecologically clean and stackable crate wich gives client variety of carrying, holding and using it

Tecnical description:
Dimensions: 320(h)x280(inn diam)mm
Weight: 0.7kg
Crate capacity: 7 1l-bottles
Crates on pallet: 14(single row)
Bottles on pallet: 98(single row)
Stackability: yes

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