Sustainable crate in recycled HDPE



The main concept of this project is based on a sustainable crate that first of all has clearly spelled out its main functions and at the same time has 3 new features:

  • « Connect Four» ;
  • « Save water cutlery drainer» ;
  • « Storage» ;

The crate contains 6 bottles of 1 liter each one. In this way the weight is easily transportable and the central handle facilitates even more the transport.

    The crate�s form is ergonomic and light (thanks to the holes and material used).

    The material used is recycled HDPE for a sunstainable future.

    The crates are perfectly stackable thanks to the deep recesses under the base of the crate that give to it a great stability.

    The crate is washable and easy to reuse.

    1. The crate has the function of a PLAY (that marries the aim of Coca-Cola to « live positively ») with the insertion of the well known « Connect Four». Retrieving the bottle caps in red and white color is possible play in a funny way and at the same time the bottle caps not throw.

    1. The crate has also the function of SAVE WATER. In fact through the same holes of « Connect Four» the object changes its aspect and it is transformed in a cutlery drainer dripping water directly onto plants below.  Placing the cutlery in an oblique way is possible watering both the plants inside the crate.

    1. Moreover stacking the crates at home is possible have a multifunctional STORAGE with the aspect of a furniture design.

    The concept of the sustainability is emphasized not only by the use of a green material but at the same time by the function of save water (even if in small part) cutlery drainer.

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