Reuses, the interactive crate
Reuses, the interactive crate


Based on the Coca-Cola recycling icon, the crate offers  to the user 6 bottles of 1 Liter that can easily be carrying everywhere. 

Made from 100% recycled Coca-Cola plastic bottles, this crate design expresses the commitment of Coca-Cola to reduce waste, packaging and encourage recycling! 

The crate's design is basicaly made to give a strong impact to the users by showing, through the shape and motifs, in order to express the ambition of Coca-Cola to be eco-friendly.

But beyond its design, there is an interactive experience.
With a unique QR code, the crate gives access to an online community service, where people can follow the crates reuses.
Find out where your crate is traveling, what people are celebrating  and at least, how people reuses the coca-cola products.
This is a unique experience between users and packagings through an online platform community, based on ecological progress and involvement. 

To me, the main problem for this concept, was to make it clear for the users, how Coca-Cola's products are involved into ecologic concerns. 

Thereby, the design response was to use the recycling sign as guide line for the crate shape, in a size that stays accessible for a large kind of users.   

Finally, the interactive aspect, brings a strong experience between the user and the packaging himself, accessible to any curious person equipped with a smartphone. 

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