six2twelve Pack
An economical, handy, conventional and functional solution for the Coca-Cola Crate of the future


The "six2twelve Pack" convinces by practical handling, modern design and because it is user friendly. Due to its light weight and 2 handles, an unproblematic carrying of the six-pack is 100% guaranteed.

It is possible to carry only one sixpack (children and seniors) or two of them distributed on both hands. For the strong ones among us, there is the possibility of combining two six-packs to a 12-pack and thus 12 bottles carrying with one hand only.

Because of the rounded corners and the lack of sharp edges, there is no risk of injury. The pack was also made without small parts that could break or be damaged easily. This ensures a long �life� of the six-packs.

The "six2twelve Pack" represents the design of the Coca-Cola Company, will fit into any household and is a real looker. The surfer is the decisive graphical element through which the "six2twelve Pack" can be identified.

The light waves, as well as the colors have a high recognition value and can immediately be matched to the Coca-Cola brand.

The rectangular shape of the box was kept, as many households use drink stands and the "six2twelve Pack" should also be standardized for these.

The box is easily stackable and it can be cleaned easily. Also there are no problems in refilling the crate with bottles by a refilling machine.

I think the material could be a 100% environmental friendly, biologic degradeable plastic like PET or polylactate.