inspired by nature


project one: "coca-cola in the wood" the idea:
orientated on the thriftiness and the efficiency of nature, the here shown coca-cola box, makes an association to a forest with its trees an there branches.
in a stylised and abstract character, the branches enclose like a protecting jacket, the coca-cola bottles. like a nest gives protection to young birds, so this lightweight construction surrenders and protects the coca-cola bottles inside her.
the devoured branches are slender and therefore efficiently in the material consumption. the total weight is diminished to a acceptably maximum.
to ensure the rigidity and the stability of the box, the branches are constructed in their 3. dimension keen enough. the material to use are normal plastics, fiber-reinforced plastics, carbon, or aluminium. the costly aluminium, that consumes a lot of energy during the fabrication process, assures thru its value a high recycling rate and makes it a coca-cola case high-value and not to forget easy to carry for the customer. the "organic" package creates an "alliance" with nature and thru this is shows the closeness of coca-cola to nature and naturalness.

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