project four: "coca-cola bubbles
inspired by nature


project four: "coca-cola bubbles" the idea:
similar to project one, two and three is this design orientated on natural existing forms. this rises the efficiency of the construction. the here shown coca-cola box, is made of concentric circles which create a casing for the bottles. this composition is found in the annual rings of trees. this allows a construction that is very efficient in the material consumption. the total weight is diminished to a acceptably maximum. to ensure the rigidity and the stability of the box, the circles are constructed in their 3. dimension keen enough. the cohesion between the circles is assured by the radiating rakers.       
the material to use is colored aluminium or plastic. the costly aluminium, that consumes a lot of energy during the fabrication process, assures thru its value a high recycling rate and makes it a coca-cola case high-value and not to forget easy to carry for the customer. the "organic" package creates an "alliance" with nature and thru this is shows the closeness of coca-cola to nature and naturalness.   

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