tHe oNE
tHe oNE - Coke crate


tHe oNE

The idea was to design a crate wich could be re-used on many
locations and events and even works as a crate.

The design

Compliance with the Coca-Cola wave - the colors and LOGOS
Recognition of the Coca-Cola crate. Even the outer side
parts could be used for many advertising imprints - Like
Olympic-Games 2012 - Football - EM 2012 and many more.


As chairs - table or whatsever.
Any party - Garden party - Children birthday
Beach party - Street party
Moving party - Renovation even in household
and many more events. Or just for getting
9 bottles of coke.

Materials and technique

The crates could be made from recycled PET and/or polycarbonate.
Another great sustainable material would be from :
TECNARO GmbH develops, produces and markets ARBOFORM® (lat.: arbor � the tree), a sustainable thermoplastic material.
The company is based a few kilometers away from my place and i worked
for them on some ideas for the furniture industrie. The company
works for many great companies like PORSCHE - SIEMENS - GUCCI - BOSCH
and many more - TECNARO-founder honored with �Dieselmedaille� 2011
and many more.

A description on this materail can be found here :

Construction details : The crate is very stable bec. of the roundprofile.
The bottles are separated by ribs on the ground - This provides additional stability
to the crate. The insides of the crate/mould  have profiles to add even
more stability. The complete design uses only the most needed material.

More technical details and drawings are available.

More to come.

All LOGOS belong to Coca Cola
Some backround images google - just for ilustration of the idea

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