Light Frames
The empty spaces are the inspiration to this weight loss crate


This proposal to mind change, to be an smart solution with 20% less materia than anothers bottle crates, this proposal are for 12 bottles store, already are avaliable the 9 botlles option with 10% more approach of pallet space


The Best Material Choice:
1,4 kg of recycled PET, are neccesary to made a new crate, (around of 27 old bottles 
of 2 lt), this a great increment  on use of waste material. The PET plastic allow 5 times 
a recycle industrial process, this allow to made again a new crates form original used crates in deuse, this a planed use of material in future, this guarantee less comsuption of plastic.

Minimal Material Use:
This Design have a goal of material use reduction in 20% of actual bottle crates, In  market the actual crates have made in HDPE or PP and the weight of this are around 2,2 kg, In this design only use 1,4 of recicled material this are less manufacturing time, 
converted automatic in less energy use in machines and transport. 

Strong Crate Design: 
This crate resist than charge how the actual crates can resist this fact guarantee a extended life of crate and your continous re-use, this design have an aparence of fragile, but are strong as past crates, this a psicologic point for end user, that think on care this crate more than others crates.

Main Concept: eco efficiency, how this are applied? 
this are easy, less use of material are a positive life cycle product impact, this pack are developed in 100% reciclable plastic.

soon i post more information.


The main goal is a 20% weight of actual crates material comsuption, from 2,2 kg to 1,8 kg of this model, with a strong structure that protect the bottles, in addition of a cool crate shape.

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