The bartender
low material - plug-in system - dynamic design - easy handle


I wanted to create something smart whitout missing the appereance.
This crate has an plug-in system so the consumer can choose how many bottles he can wear.
Some personal: I have a illness and I am not able to wear tings, that weight much.

With this crate I could choose the right amount of Cokes I am able to wear and also have no heavy crate, because my design has a lower consumption of material.

The case of the single carriers are made of a very thin synthetic substance, eg. pet recycle plastic and have strong cycle and ground to stabilize them.
It weights less than a bulky box.

There are several options of carrier:
Pack of four, six, and eight, twelve are also possible.

A comfortable handle with four adapter variants you can get in the supermarket for pledge.

The Handle disappears in the saved room at the bottom of the crate, so they are easy stackable.

Ps: I have no possibility to create a 3D object, so my grafics are made by handwork and I only have one perspective to show.

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