the crate was designed as an open ended system that can evolve with Coca-Cola ‘s branding and bottle


The Problem

The problem we are trying to solve is to design a crate with consideration to how the crate will evolve over time while being mindful of Coca Cola as a company and its consumers.


The questions we are trying to answer are:

-          What happens when Coca Cola has a special campaign or evolves it�s branding? How can the crate reflect that period of time?

-          We hope that people will recycle the crates. But if they don�t, how can we motivate them to reuse the crates? How do we convince them that it isn�t simply a crate?


The Solution



The intent of this crate was to design an open ended system that can evolve with Coca-Cola�s branding and bottle design. Silhouettes allow for an over-all understanding of what�s beyond without allowing full exposure creating a sense of mystery and the desire to explore further. This concept drove the translucency of the material exposing the shape of the bottle, the label and its content.


Target Group

The target group is around adults 18-60 years of age. As shown in the slides the crates are intended to be off the shelf coolers. For young adults, moving into their first apartment usually furniture-less, the crates can be an item that is collected to provide different furniture solutions. For families, it can provide cubbies for children. As a bonus, the crates can be used as donations for schools and low income homes. There may be other solutions but the most important element is that it is aesthetically pleasing and functional beyond its original intent in a way that motivates people to keep the crates inside their homes.

The translucency of the material can be achieved easily through the use of recycled plastic. The simple form allows for a quick and efficient one piece injection mold manufacturing process. This mode of production reduces the amount of energy needed during production (people energy and energy to run the machines).


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