Inter-connectible crate system for different furniture configurations


Main requirement it needs to fulfill is multifunctionality and modularity. Living spaces are becoming smaller so there is no storage space. Ever-changing world creates ever-changing need for ever-changing space. We are unique and our living space needs to reflect that. We need practical living space, modular and easily adjustable to the needs of the moment. Crate should fulfill these requirements and contribute to living space in a form of usefull furniture. This way, the Coca-Cola brand remains 24/7 the part of it.

The idea is an inter-connectible crate system. Sides of the single crate are cut at 45 degrees, allowing the next crate to be connected at 90 degrres angle. Crate has two slits on both sides, which are used for vertical stacking but also for connecting at an angle into the furniture pieces. Separation walls are removable and reused for interconnecting multiple crates together.
This makes it possible to put them together into a nightstand, table, bookshelf,
kitchen cabinet, house for a pet, or simply use it as a lap top laptop table or briefcase.

5-6 kilograms are upper limit for comfortable carrying in one hand, thus 5 pack for standard 1 liter bottles.
If the logo usage allows, "the wave" could be widen on the right size to create loopable, seamless form. Top cover is optional to this design.

For more modularity, please take a look at my other idea I like even more.

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