Crate system for infinite arranging possibilities. Build your Coca-Cola castle!


Main requirement it needs to fulfill is multifunctionality and modularity. Living spaces are becoming smaller so there is no storage space. Ever changing world creates ever changing need for ever changing space. We are unique and our living space needs to reflect that. We want to customize everything, consumer is creative person. We need practical living space, modular and easily adjustable to needs and feeling of the moment. Crate should fulfill these requirements and contribute to living space in a form of useful furniture. This way, the Coca-Cola brand remains 24/7 the part of it.

The idea is an unique crate system with possibility to create unlimited number of arranging combinations with just rotating one crate form. This creates unlimited possibilities and unique space every time. This ranges from purely aesthetic forms, to the highly functional furniture system. Whether you need a bookshelf, table, nightstand, picture frame, dividing wall... everything is possible, and Coca-Cola brand is the part of it.

Build your Coca-Cola castle!

It has simple form, minimalistic look and minimal amount of material needed for production. You will need a drill to put it on the wall or to robustly connect crate tower shelving; but if you have difficulties, you can always invite a handsome neighbor on a glass of Coca-Cola to help you with it ;)

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