A really "ETERNAL Crate".


A really "ETERNAL Crate" that always comes back to customers new and without scratches or other damage. 100% eco!

The crate is certainly demaged while being used, but after being returned back to the factory it gets a makeover at minimal cost. This system works as follows: 
The crate is returned to the factory and goes through several procedures:

1)A complete clean up and drying.

2)The box is put into a mold that has plastic of similar composition sprayed on its walls. (you can use environmentally friendly solvent for lower energy costs for heating and acceleration of the process)

3) The mold is closed and heated and as the result the sprayed plastic fuses with the crate to remove scratches and crackles and fatigue of the material. The excess material is used again. The heating requires minimum energy because melting is only on the surface.

This technology can be also applied to the bottles, so that all products of 
Coca-Cola in the future, will not have any scratch and will always shine.

The energy spent on the restoration of the box will be compensated by:

1)A fuel economy by transporting due to its lighter weight.

2) Less production costs because it requires a minimal amount of energy and material.

3) Restored bottles will last much longer that will cost lower and be more environmentally friendly.

Despite the thin plastic this crate is very durable due to its shape.

There is also an opportunity to gradually replace the old crates with "Eternal crates" because they are compatible during storage.

All kinds of products of Coca Cola will look good in this crate.