The carry crate is a crate that is optimised for a ergonomic handling by a narrow profile.



The crate is made from four injection molded parts.

Two inner tubes/tops and two outer shells


The outer shells slide in to each other. The geometry works as a sliding hinge enabling the two other shells to slide along each other. When the outer shells are placed in to position, the connecting edge of the ribs and the outer edge on both the tubes and the shells are infrared heated up to melt temperature. The inner tubes are slided in to position within the shells. The heated ends of the ribs and edge melt together.  Either one of the shells is now permanently fixed to one of the tubes.

The embossed cola logo is color pressed.


The inner tubes and outer are made from recycled pp. especially the Coca cola zero black parts are very suitable for recycled material. The black color is stronger then the colorant from the regrinded material. For the other parts, varying percentages of recycled material can be added within production.



The crates are suitable for straight stacking (where crates are stacked on top of each other aligned) and cross stacking (whereby the crates are stacked with a 90 degree angle every layer). The extended �feet� on the bottom slide in to the circles in the top and create a stable stacking base.


The weight simulation shows a top weight of 500 kg pushing on the top surface of the  crate. The visible displacement has been magnified times 5.  The circular tubes combined with the ribs create a very stiff crate.  The crate is not even close to its max carrying capacity in this simulation.


An extra hole in the middle through both crates enables the crates to be stacked and de-stacked by an automated process. The hole creates a handling point so the create can be lifted without sliding in to the recessed carrying mode.



The slide is integrated to enable a narrow carrying profile. This lets the user carry the crate closer to its body, putting les strain on the shoulder  muscles. The crate carry�s five 1L bottles. The bottles and the crate together weight around 5.7 kg.



The outer contour of the crate has a similar curvature as the 1L and the 1.5L Cola bottles, giving a playful visual indication towards the content.

The double walled shell enables al ribs to be placed on the inside of the crate. No visible exterior ribs are needed and the product gets a very clean look.



User  Re-usability

The crate can be used by the user in different ways. If the crate is hanged in the carrying position it can be filled with flowers to create a little cola garden.

The crates can be stacked side horizontally, this the crate looks like a high end wine bottle rack.

The crate is perfect to take along to the beach, the hollow core adds extra heat isolation, keeping the cola nice and cool. It can even be taken in to the water and will smoothly float along with the consumer.


Circular life-cycle

The crate is fitted with washing holes in the bottom of the crate, enabling it to be industrially washed. The plastic welded (infrared welded) edges are water tight so there are no hollow/open areas where dirt gathers that cannot be washed away.




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