We all
The 'We all' is a wheel of coke.


In order to redesign the crate you have to challenge its needs. 

The crate is required to hold / protect bottles (from factory to retailer to customer)
The crate is required to stack easily
The crate is required to be carried easily
The crate is required to display the 'Coke' signage
Why does this mean it has to be an oblong?
The 'We all' consists of a circular handle, which slots onto the neck of 10 bottles (radiating from the centre), to minimise the material the bottle acts as a 'spoke' to  connect to the wheel cover, a circular strip which encases the bottles providing stability and protection. 
The edge of the wheel cover is angled in order to interlock onto the adjacent wheel to maximise the stacking potential, rotating it is optional.
The 'We all' is carried easily, nearer the centre of gravity of the crate allowing greater control.