We propose a crate design that can be easily reused as the basis for inexpensive housing.


It is estimated that over one billion people around the world live in inadequate housing. Housing forms an indispensable part of ensuring human dignity.... humans that buy Coca-Cola products or may buy them in the future.

This concept involves an inexpensive plastic crate for stacking, handling, and transporting of the Coca-Cola products. These crates are designed to be recycled for use to make low cost homes and buildings for those in need.

The 8 bottle crate is injection molded from recycled polypropylene for durability and printed with the corporate logo. Thin sections are molded into the crate sides to allow easy folding and cutting, as discussed later.

After the product is used by the consumer, the crate is folded up for shipment to areas of need. They are used to as molds to form bricks from local clay or sandstone using Bacillus pasteurii bacteria. The removable handle allows for comfortable grip and then acts as a connector for the crates as needed for construction. Note that the bottom level of the building is made of filled crates with the plastic material providing a waterproof surface.

Building houses out of local earth or clay has been proven over the course of history to be the least commercial, most structurally secure and ecological way to provide housing. These recycled crates act as simple molds to form wet clay and straw into bricks that can then be fired or sun-dried (adobe).

Alternatively, the crates can be snapped together using the detachable handles to form walls and then filled with sand or dirt and compacted (Rammed Earth).

These ecological means of construction makes it lightweight, strong and enhances the thermal insulation of walls and ceilings. There is also some solar heat accumulation during the day to moderate internal temperatures night and day.

When enough bricks are made, the crates are cut in half and laid flat to be used for a overlapping waterproof roof, with the appearance of red clay tiles.

The home shown in the pictures as an example, has a living space of approximately 21 square meters and would require approximately 250 crates for the bottom, �foundation� course and roof covering.

This design allows you to build a house very quickly. What better way to advertise the caring nature of the company than seeing "Coke housing" helping the underprivileged improve their human dignity?

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