Static as an eye-catcher - material is the cream on the cake


cokelight makes its static to the design element. From every point of view you can see into the crate and we only use as much material as the structure needs. Cross braces above and below, and the label itself serve for the stability and are an eye catcher.

By the used biomaterial fibroform ® - a composite of 70% natural fiber and 30% HDPE (conventional material for crates) - is cokelight by lower weight not only much more stable than HDPE and environmentally, it is also produced more cheaply in the face of rising crude oil prices; and ugly sink marks, which can be seen in almost all crates can be avoided because there is only little loss while cooling!

The number of bottles has been reduced on 6 pieces for a better handling. Optionally, there is a giveaway in form of a plate, which allows the box to be a stool, which can be helpful at parties or at home.

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