Coca Cola bag crate
Coca cola bag crate


The bag - crate consists of two parts; a carrying part is made up of 1 piece of elastic plastic pad, through which straps are threaded. After filling and tightening the bottles can be easily and comfortably carried.
Thanks to the material used, it is firm, light, washable, wear resistant and reusable, and it is, of course, very cheap due to small amount of material used.

Stability of the bottles is secured by  the weight of the bottles themselves and by automatic tightening of the straps threaded through holes in all length of the bag. The bottles hold firmly and do not fall out. 
The plastic is made of recycled PET bottles, so the bag - crate is environmentally-friendly.

 Customer can use it as a bag for sport or a beach bag, as well.
Due to the wider use it ensures Coca Cola firm permanent advertising, i.e. viral marketing.