The Coke Case
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The coke case is a fun and easy way to enjoy coca-cola.

 It is made of recycled PET coke bottles. A few other materials were considered but plastic lasts life-long and considering cost, weight, versatility and manufacturing processes, this was the best option. The case has a rough texture, so that the rough handling due to transportation is less visible even as the years pass. The self-lubricating property of PET also works as an advantage to this design.

 It is easy to carry, like a briefcase. Seniors, young people, cyclists, singles and families can use this system according to their requirements because the design is versatile due to its size and form. The case can be mounted on a cycle with the provision of in-built belts and this is a great advantage for the large cycling population.

Five one litre bottles of coke can sit inside the crate snugly so there will be no movement inside while transportation. The one litre bottle was chosen because if someone is buying a half litre bottle, it is probably because they don�t want to take home a crate. While one crate  can be carried comfortably, should someone want to carry more at a time (a family or one who enjoys a lot of coke), the provisional expandable belt can be used to fasten more crates together.

At home, one can stack up a few of these cases and have a well functioning drawer system to store coca-cola or anything else they wish. The inner part can also be used as a tray. The case is also an ideal gift to take to a friend�s party!

Primarily, this form is driven by a feeling of nostalgia, as it is derived from the action of carrying a brief-case. Since the bottles are not completely visible, there is a feeling of unravelling something, giving the Coca-cola a place of importance and protection. The action of taking the bottle out of the case will bring a sense of involvement in the consumer.


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