Show off those bottles
No more hiding Coca-Cola bottles. It is time to show them to off!


This simple design is all about the bottle.  The design of the Coca-Cola bottle is timeless and a very important element to the Coca-Cola Company.  Why hide that famous curvy bottle in a crate? 

This design holds 6 (1 liter) bottles by the neck.  Having the bottles slant downward by also alternating them, one from each side, while in a curved form gives a more dramatic presentation of storing the bottles but again this is not just a form of storage, it is a way of presenting the bottles.  No need for a bulky crate that you only have space for in your garage.  This simple, yet sleek design not only invites you to display in your home but allows you to do so on the kitchen counter.  The height of the plastic curved bottle holder is approximately 12 to 13 inches.  The strong curve of the form(half a circle) not only compliments the shapes of the bottles but serve as counter force so that the weight of the full bottles will not tip it forward.  Plus, two halves will connect together to form a circle, which is not only very stable(for transportation) but also is very strong and able to support more stacked on top.  Both the top and the bottom are exactly alike, meaning if you were to flip it over end on end there will be no difference.  The two cut out sections near the top/bottom serve as a handle.    

The 3D rendering I have submitted are to represent the concept of the bottle holder and how it is intended to be used.  Then I have also submitted hand renderings which give a better detailed version of how I picture the actual product.