Easy crate, easy go.


Crate consists of three parts, two six-bottle-each "halfs" and main crate for logistics. Two inner parts, made of fully degradable plastic, such as cereplast, are meant to actually get to customer and to be used by customer for comfortable transport of six 0,33 l glass bottles of coke, while the plastic itself being semi-transparent, it's content communicates for itself. On both short sides, there are holes for carrying.

Before all that, when transporting large number of bottles, those "packages" are simply put into crate designed just for them, and this crate, made of durable, recyclable plastic suggests its content by a well-known bottle shape on sides transforming into comfortable handles. When multiple crates are put on each other, if we skip the aesthetical aspect, these handles also serve as an addition to protection from falling. Solid sides on the main crate are free to be printed on / engraved.

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