capitalize on the trendy bamboo explosion.


minimalist durable crates constructed from bamboo.  the material choice affirms coca-cola's pledge to live positively through sustainable business practices.

what you see is 100% bamboo.  no adhesives or hardware are used for assembly.  thus all parts are replaceable, and the entire crate can be disassembled for compact shipment.  everything slots together like traditional chinese carpentry.  the individual components are minimally planed and cut making very little waste.  all parts are finished and maintained with ordinary mineral oil.  because they are not bamboo laminates, they are dishwasher safe.  every piece has a laser engraved part number and serial number.  crate history is maintained by the coca-cola company as a commitment to being accountable for the promise of  twenty years of reusability.   bamboo weathers beautifully and is very durable as well as low maintenance.

crate dimensions are 20cm x 30cm x 30cm.  16 crates fit on a standard euro palette.

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