Coca-Cola time for 8
Coca-Cola time for 8



Coca Cola Time for 8, like the title suggest it is a crate with a capacity of eight bottles.
The bottles are positioned in the crate so you can grab the handles comfortably. Also, this positioning allows a number of 600 bottles on the pallet. 


The crates are made of bioplastic, a sustainable, lightweight, durable, washable and cheap material which absorbs shocks. Bioplastics are a form of plastics derived from renewable biomass sources, such as vegetable fats and oils, corn starch, pea starch, potato starch, meaning from vegetable raw materials.
Bioplastics play an important role in the evolution of modern science and civilization and it has an unbeatable benefits as compared to classical synthetic plastic materials.


White with red stripe at the bottom, red interior, red handles and red Coca-Cola logo.


The main function of the crate is to carry the bottles from store to home and back to the store. So multifunction is not mandatory. But you can use it besides beverage storage, books, toys, and so on. So there are many different ways to use it, but the main function remains the crate, because it needs to be durable enough to survive a heavy use. That�s the main reason the crate is made only from one single material and does not have movable parts that can easily be detached and probably get lost very quickly.


The crates are refillable in an automatized and mechanical way.
The bottle crates are reusable (washable and refillable), stackable, stable and made from an environmentally friendly material (bioplastic) within a competitive budget.


The crates are easy to handle, carry and transport. Due to the comfortable grips, crates can be carried conveniently.
The bottle crates are stackable and can be easily transported for retailers and it fit�s flush without overlap or underlap, on a pallet (with the basic measurements of 120x80x165cm).

Target groups

Coca Cola Time for 8  (8 bottles crate) addresses all individual consumers (children, young people, women, older people), being very easy to handle and carry.