Happy Crate


The Happy Crate can also be used as a bicycle basket! Riding a bicycle releases endorphins, and makes you happy! Use the Happy Crate on your way to work, school, to a date, to the grocery store, or wherever your day on your bicycle may take you. From Copenhagen to Berlin, Shanghai to Vancouver and Hollywood, bicycles are become more and more fashionable; even luxury brands are designing their own bikes! With the Happy Crate, Coca-Cola is now part of this uber-trendy shift to a zero-emmission mode of transportation. Bicycles are used by children, seniors, and love-struck teenagers alike! Handles on the side provide for easy lifting; a strap can be attached through these handles for easy carrying. Slots at the back are designed so that a strap can easily secure the Happy Crate to the front of your bicycle. This Happy Crate is 40cm x 26.7 cm x 32 cm, and can hold twelve 1 L bottles of Coca-Cola.