Struggling designer
Hi, my name is Ivan, a freelancer who tries to spread his creativity in order to work normally


Hi mates, I'm a Venezuelan-Italian illustrator and graphic designer currently living in Mérida, a Venezuelan city located in the Andean highlands where some imaginative people have claimed to run into quaint elves.

I have been working as a freelancer for nine years playing the role of animated series director, storyboarding and illustrator as well as comic artist.

Yes, I specialize in comics and animation where I put lot of effort in improving day by day.

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While I work from home, I also develop my own projects. One I've been working on the most is a web comic series called "Weird Wide World Adventure: Crocodilopolis".

You can see this project here:

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Living in Venezuela has turned out to be struggling. For 5 years, we have been facing critical troubles such as power outages, lack of basic amenities and hyperinflation.

From that time, freelancers like me have been struggling to perform in the centre of a dispairment of our socioeconomic system.

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For my part, I've learned to be resilent, more organised and very patient to schedule my activities without stressing out - yes, that has been a demanding task that has taken years to be forged.-

Adding this quarantine to this pandemonium hasn't had much impact on my work but it has on my outdoors activities.

I know this background is shocking to many who are used to living normally, but don't desperate. This will be overcome.

Meanwhile, let's spend some time to create and think over.

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Trick of the trade in my context.

Due to the problems I'm facing up in my country, I have to organize myself strictly. For instance, the things that always drives me up the wall are the power outages, each time longer. Because of that, I always try to make the most of the electricity hours to work in my computer even in overnights if necessary.

I try to leave the manual jobs like sketching and drawing for the hours when I don't have electricity as well as the tasks to be resolved outside. If the power outage comes at night, it can only be used to think and discuss concepts, scripts and theoretical proposals.

Because of the general collapse, most of the tasks you have to do outside takes more time than usual being often complicated. Paradoxically, some of them would be up to the State to resolve in a normal country, therefore, I have to be patient and do strict schedules so that my productive time is affected as little as possible.

The quarantine has only been a plus to this.